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Paragliding in Uzbekistan

Paragliding is the most accessible way for people to experience flight. Thanks to the easy access to the Charvak paragliding site and the high level of professionalism among instructors, this activity becomes even more appealing and accessible to everyone. Soaring over the Charvak reservoir offers a unique opportunity to admire picturesque landscapes from a bird's-eye view. Nothing compares to the sensation of flight, and we strongly recommend that everyone try it and experience the unforgettable emotions it brings. Upon request, instructors can incorporate acrobatic elements into the flight to satisfy thrill-seekers.

After the exhilarating adventures, a splendid sightseeing tour near the Charvak reservoir awaits. This journey along one of the most picturesque roads will be adorned with numerous stops at observation points, where you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views and treasure the unforgettable moments of this trip.

Return to Tashkent.

Trip Overview

Travel Style Short Tours
Countries Uzbekistan
Route Tashkent - Charvak - Tashkent

Detailed Route

Departure from Tashkent in the morning.

Transfer to the mountains to Ugam-Chatkal National Park, to the Charvak Reservoir parodrome 

Instruction and preparation for flight.

Tandem flight over Charvak reservoir. On average (10-15 minutes)

At your request pilots can perform acrobatic elements.

*It should be taken into account that the flights directly depend not only on the wind and its strength, but also on its direction. Sometimes you have to wait for the right conditions.

*Paragliders are full-fledged aircraft and also use the airspace, but they have a lower priority than helicopters. Therefore, flights may be delayed by a few hours or not at all at the command of the dispatcher.

After the active part a sightseeing trip around the Charvak reservoir along one of the most picturesque roads with stops at observation platforms.
Return to Tashkent.

Prices and Conditions

Included in the Cost

  • Transport services.
  • Tandem flight with instructor
  • Video and photography of the flight

Not Included in the Cost

  • International flights
  • Meals
  • Health insurance
  • Lost, stolen and damaged luggage
  • Tips for guides, accompanying guides and drivers
  • Cancellation fee

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Tour Cost

Tours by Directions

Tour Cost
2 people
4 people
6 people

For residents of Uzbekistan payment is made in the national currency at the rate on the day of payment

For groups of more than 10 people - price on request

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