Kuruksay: miracle of nature

Kuruksay: miracle of nature
Kuruksay: miracle of nature

Amazing views of Kashkadarya

Tourists who are visiting Kashkadarya ask to take them to the mountain village Kuruksay. Here you'll see two miracles of nature, which the local people call "Rocking Stone" and "Stone cleansing" that are located close to each other.

Swinging stone is a huge block of thirty tons, which is lying on the horizontal surface of the rock, and when the rocking begins approximately 2-3 people sway on its pedestal. First, small wiggle you take for an optical illusion, but then start to make sure that "the impossible is possible," and it does not leave you indifferent. And you have even a desire to do some jumps on rounded boulders of which is composed of the top of the mountain this attraction.

Next you come to the "Stone of purification." The objective of anyone who came here is to climb through a narrow gap and thereby pass the path of purification from sins. First, you kind of look in a fairly wide, about 70-80 cm. Diameter vertical bosom, and then, there you can see a kind of narrow opening, "cat hole" in which you have to climb. And while some purified his spirit, dragging his mortal body through the "Stone of purification", the latter is removed and all "sick", and others are jumping on the nearby boulders. All the action takes place on a mountain top.

For birdwatchers here you can also meet many interesting individuals - almost extinct in many areas sarakaput - shrike, a variety of larks, the roller, barn swallows, and, of course, paradise flycatchers.

Mountains are consists of stones with various sizes - huge and small, but wonderfully matched to each other, as if tried to divine bricklayer uses neither a solution nor a plumb, but only their skills. The road winds among the hills and rainfed fields, which mainly grows stunted wheat and safflower (multicolored flowers, thorns, like the thistle seed which make oil).

In recent years it has been actively developing tourism with accommodation in local guest houses. Traditionally Uzbek houses invite guests into a bright room, carpeted with kurpacha (blankets and mattresses). In warm weather, guests are treated to chalop - local dairy products with added chopped vegetables and herbs. By the way, chalop in each locality is different, and a method for preparing a milk base, and a set of ingredients in different villages and localities of Kashkadarya. Houses in this area are mainly built of adobe - the clay and straw - a wonderful material to maintain warmth in winter and cool in the summer heat.

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