Khаdzhikent. The incentiveplace with silent waterfalls

Khаdzhikent. The incentiveplace with silent waterfalls
Khаdzhikent. The incentiveplace with silent waterfalls
Khаdzhikent. The incentiveplace with silent waterfalls

The incentive place with silent waterfalls

This beautiful town is located not far from Tashkent. You will only 1 hour to get there. There are several reasons why this place, tenderly loved by all Tashkent people and guests. First of all, the mountains are one of the most attractive places for not only residents, but also the travelers and the lovers of beautiful landscapes.


And when guests come to Tashkent, there is no hesitation where to show them – of course, it is mountains. ChimganCharvak, Chatkal are undoubtedly the “must-have” in every tourist schedule. And this ancient village Khodjikent, the Abode of Saints, attract many people and charm with incomparableatmosphere towards the ancient plane trees and petroglyphs. So, those people who prefer active rest must travel to Uzbekistan, because our mountains are the most beautiful in the world.

The echo of the remote ages

Khodjikent is always associated with KhojaAhrar who was mystic, Sufi. Here you will see ancient trees that are more than 700 years old. You will be amazed, but once in the past there was arranged a teahouse “choyhona” in plane tree and people used to gather like in the hall. This tree has a name as a “tail”, the “daughter” of that plane tree.


The size impress you and you even could not can imagine what the “mother” was like?


Any tourist will have an opportunity to dive into this captivating atmosphere among the trees, which forms cozy pools with rock shelters. This incomparable waterfall will open for you whole magnificence, going down from the tens of meters.


It is surprisingly that even the waterfall does not make a noise, and the entireplace keeps the delighting silence that enables you to dig into the dreams and forget about all routine.

Cult place at the crossroads of history

Next to waterfalls and plane trees you will see a site of petroglyphs that kept historical evidence of 50 thousand years. The picture gallery is impresses so muchwith its mysterious wall stories and carries many questions remaining without answer. The hunters and spectators can show you a life of a primitive man, and demonstrate this ancient theater.


Fortunately there were concerned people who cleared the rocks from vandal inscriptions, spoiling the pictures, those who intend to further preserve this amazing open-air museum.

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