Gijduvan. The center of ceramic heritage of uzbekistan

Gijduvan. The center of ceramic heritage of uzbekistan
Gijduvan. The center of ceramic heritage of uzbekistan

The center of ceramic heritage of uzbekistan

Perhaps Gijduvan will not astonish someone by the abundance of historical monuments, museums and other major attractions. However, here you'll find a unique spirit of oriental tale, walking through the small streets and feeling the atmosphere of this ancient settlement.

Outstanding masterpieces of Gijduvan ceramic art

The Gijduvan ceramics school has its deep roots. Skill passed down from father to son for many generations.

You can see the works of the masters in museums ceramics. There is a large collection of exhibits of contemporary artists. They are rich in a variety of colors and patterns. For ceramic creations have a geometric pattern. The main colors that adorn the product are green and blue.

Wherever you are, Gijduvan is imbued with the spirit that you will not find anywhere else in Uzbekistan or throughout the world. The tissues that are woven in Gijduvan are the best examples of truly national Uzbek fabrics.

In the east, ceramics has always been the most popular household items. All the peoples of Central Asia have had their skilled craftsmen. It was they who created the splendid items of pottery, putting them in the skill and soul. In ceramics were recorded numerous stories, pictures and other things that reflect the culture of each region of Uzbekistan.

Eastern spirit that you can feel in every corner

Cuisine with various preferences, national color, masterpieces of art, spirituality of local people and spreading legends that are kept from remote time – all this cannot be compared with other cities of Uzbekistan. It is truly unique place that shift every visitor to tale and bewitch with unforgettable atmosphere.

Throughout many years tourists and guest, enchanted by this eastern town, admire the translated ancient texts; art works with inimitable in its beauty motives that still keep the spirit of Medieval.

Many villages of Uzbekistan in antiquity of the Great Silk Road create unforgettable picture of the Pearls of East. Cities such as Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Shakhrisabz and Gijduvan have always been considered as the oriental cultural centers. The beauty and many attractions can impress any traveler bewitching with amazing discoveries. You can book your tour to Uzbekistan and visit many beautiful historical places.

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