Bukhara gold embroidery factory

Bukhara gold embroidery factory
Bukhara gold embroidery factory
Bukhara gold embroidery factory
Bukhara gold embroidery factory

Bukhara is one of the most ancient cities of Uzbekistan. It is famous not only for its architectural monuments, but also for folk craftsmen, artisans who brought their work to art, and their works of artistic value.

Since ancient times it was here that masters who produced jewelery, gold-embroidery, velvet, adras, silk and other applied art products worked.

Sewing gold as art was unique and always occupied a special place.

Gold embroidery art in Bukhara has its ancient roots. Russian ambassadors Boris and Semen Pazukhan, 1669 – 1671 recall in their memoirs that the Bukhara Shah Abdulazizkhan presented them gold-embroidered robes, hats and belts. This indicates that gold embroidery art was developed in Bukhara in the XVII century.

Golden embroidery in Bukhara reached its peak in the 19th and early 20th century.

Gold embroidery - court art

In the 18-19 centuries, gold embroidery as a court art was developed only in Bukhara. Then it was considered rich and rare.

The secrets of sewing on gold were handed down and outsiders could not comprehend it. For a long time, this art was owned only by men, who later taught it the women of their family. Since then, women's hands have reached perfection in this work so much that the products embroidered with gold in Bukhara have become known throughout the world. Since the last Bukhara emir was overthrown and the Emirate of Bukhara was abolished, by 20th century gold embroidery, in its original form, had ceased to exist. But the good masters remained, and in a somewhat modified form, this art soon continued to develop. Bukhara remained its center, and the local seamstresses organized themselves into artisanal artels and continued to work on decorating household items, making clothes, hats and national costumes.

The Bukhara goldsmiths identified several types of gold embroidery: 1) “zarduzi-zaminduzi” - solid embroidery of the background with gold, 2) “zarduzi-gulduzi” - sewing according to a paper-cut pattern, 3) “zarduzi-gulduzi-zaminduzi” - combined technique sewing, combining the first two types, 4) “zarduzi-berishimduzi” - combined sewing, 5) “zarduzi-pulyakchaduzi” - combination of gold sewing with sewn sequins.

Beautiful samples of items of gold-embroidery of this period can be seen today in the expositions of Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and other museums. These are men's and women's dressing gowns, camisoles, belts, boots, children's clothes, panels, bedspreads, blankets and saddle cloth for horses and much more.

Gold embroidery factory in Bukhara

In 30 years of the twentieth century Bukhara gold embroidery factory was established. Masters who know all the subtleties of their work were brought to work at the factory. They were engaged not only in the production of gold-embroidered products, but also taught the youth, passed on their practical skills.

This gold embroidery factory of Bukhara is paid special attention in the terms of the scientific study of the above-mentioned samples, the study of methods, types, names of sewing gold. Masters, artists, carvers of patterns do not stop there, and invent new seams and stitches, patterns and ornaments, keeping the traditions of their ancestors; master new technologies and introduce them into production.

Unique products of Bukhara embroidery factory

The factory employs more than a hundred women who, along with the careful storage of the age-old traditions of gold-embroidery art, master the latest technological processes. Some craftswomen have been working here for over 30 years and are teaching a new generation of embroiderers. Bukhara gold embroidery factory produces the following products: chapans (for women and men), gold-woven carpets, souvenirs, handbags, purses, elite draperies, jewelry boxes, shoes, hats, wallets. The range of products of Bukhara gold embroidery factory has over seventy items.

The basis for embroidery with gold threads is velvet of saturated colors: blue, black, purple, cherry, lilac and brown. This magnificent canvas enhances the effect of gold embroidery, and the threads shine on it even brighter. In order to give a luxurious look many products are additionally decorated with stones. Gold embroidery art has over forty techniques, but craftswomen at Bukhara gold embroidery factory improve their skills and come up with new designs and ways to apply them.

You can visit Bukhara gold embroidery factory with Peopletravel Uzbek tours. Tourists can look at the process of creating unique pieces of gold embroidery. Sometimes you can get on the show from Bukhara gold embroidery factory.

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