Beldersay. The most captivating place for your soul

Beldersay. The most captivating place for your soul
Beldersay. The most captivating place for your soul
Beldersay. The most captivating place for your soul
Beldersay. The most captivating place for your soul
Beldersay. The most captivating place for your soul

Regarding Uzbekistan, the notion of majority of people is fairly traditional. The ancient culture and great historical monuments; cotton fields, ditches for irrigation and plenty of sunny days stick in memory of those who visit the country of the Great Silk Road and legendary Nasreddin Hodja. Meanwhile, the country has unique conditions for providing mountain skiing tours. One of such places is well-known Beldersay in Tashkent region.

The Beldersay hole, located at the foot of the majestic mountains of the Tien-Shan is the most picturesque place of the country.
The health resort Beldersay of Uzbekistan is located on the mountain Kumbel (1500 meters), 80 kilometers from Tashkent. One and a half hours on a good motorway takes you directly in the paradise.

Beldersay history

The Kumbel Mountain is the dominant top of Ugam range - Chatkal State National Park, created in 1992. The Natural Park includes the territories of several forestry enterprises. It is the largest facility for nature protection purposes in Uzbekistan. The aim of the organization is to protect ecosystems in the region, preservation of rare and endangered species of plants and animals. Most of the park is accessible to tourists who are eager to visit Beldersay; and ski resorts are the most visited places.

The area of the Beldersay river was mastered in 80-s. Beldersay recreation zone appeared in 1985. The hole formed by the aqueous flow is located on the slope of the peak Kumbel. On the upper point there is the weather station of worldwide network of solar observation.
Enchanting valleys, unrivalled mountains and fascinating landscapes

The surroundings of the Beldersay recreation zone attract many guests by magnificent mountains and evergreen firs. The Beldersay area captivates with its beauty and extraordinary natural landscape. The resort visitors will find here all the conditions for a wonderful holiday, which will give them positive emotions and pleasant memories.

In the wild thickets of the Beldersay mountains one can find wild boars and badgers. If you're lucky, you can see a cautious and stone marten or a rare guest of these forests - Siberian roe. The mountain slopes are chosen by argali. Sparse foliage on stone ledges hides wild turkeys, quails and snowcock - partridges. High in the blue sky can be seen silhouettes of eagles and vultures eagles.

The relatively mild climate, almost total absence of wind and three hundred days of sunshine a year create excellent conditions for winter and summer recreation in Beldersay.

All around is enjoying life, and only a centuries-old giant – the Kumbel Mount blankly looks at this fuss from under a white cap of no melting snows.

Of course, all of these conditions involve, first of all, the development of ski tourism and Beldersay succeeded in this.

Ski slopes of the Kumbel ridge and Kyzyldzhar mountains meet all the requirements of the international ski federation and are the best among the CIS countries. The slopes are equipped with chairlift and up to the top you will be taken by a rope tow.

The slopes of the Kumbel ridge and the Kyzyldzhar mountain in the skiing area have the smoothed relief slope up to 30 degrees without deep gorges and canyons, covered with deciduous forests, alternating with open glades.

The snow in the Beldersay area is unusual; it is not like in Europe. It is cold and dry, by the standards of professionals it is one of the best in the world. Beldersay is surrounded on one side by Siberia, on the other by Himalayas, which in turn provides a sharp change in the weather, as heavy snow and extreme temperatures. The season runs from November to April. Thanks to a large number of light hours, you can constantly sunbathing.

But in spring and summer in these places a paradise for climbers and lovers of trekking begins. You can make a lot of interesting outings as one-day and longer travels to Beldersay. Hiking trips, Beldersay tours to the numerous historic sites and wondrous natural sites will be long remembered not only because of received impressions, but also a powerful surge of adrenaline, obtained in the process of overcoming the way.
In the vicinity of the hotel "Beldersay Oromgokhi", which is located on the hillside among evergreen Tian-Shan spruces, there are koumiss field, 12 baths, ancient adits, falls on the marble river, ancient junipers, red sand hills, apple orchards, chairlift, weather station and the Beldersay river. The Beldersay originates from the top of the Big Chimgan mountain. In the middle flow of the river there is a large clearing where you can see the outstretched tourist sites of fire.

From this clearing you will be able to climb to the pass Kumbel Orta, and then visit the marble river. This Marble River in the Beldersay area is a favorite tourist destination. In its lower reaches are local attractions in the form of a large number of fossilized shells, saying that once there was the ocean. In addition, along the river you'll find a large waterfall falling from a height of about 16 meters.
In the upper valley Beldersay you can see the whole picture gallery - cave drawings of ancient hunters. You will find very interesting images of ancient people - hunting scenes, mountain goats, as well as drawings, in which you can see domesticated animals - cats and dogs.

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