Uzbek surnay

Uzbek surnay
Uzbek surnay

At all times people devoted a part of their lives to culture. So, despite various difficult times, the inhabitants of Central Asia carried through the ages their musical culture. Thanks to akyns and connoisseurs of traditions, national instruments have reached our days practically in the form they were 100 and 200 years ago. Today the people of Uzbekistan can hear, play or simply hold in their hands the unique musical instruments which are typical of Central Asia.

Let's tell you about the Uzbek surnay in detail. And you in turn will certainly want to visit Uzbekistan and to hear the unusual sound of this national musical instrument.

Uzbek surnay: description of the instrument

Uzbek surnay is a wind instrument of a smaller size than a karnay. The sound of surnay sounds a little like the sounds of a clarinet. As a rule, surnay and karnay always sound in pairs.

The body of Uzbek musical instrument surnay is stern with a wide mouth and is skillfully carved from a single piece of apricot or mulberry tree, and its metal pin is made of silver.

Surnay is an Uzbek national brass instrument, which has a form of a pipe. Surnay is wide at the base. Its length is about 45-55 cm. A small wooden tube is inserted in the narrow upper part of the instrument, which has a thin metal tube inside. This small tube is made of bamboo plates, surrounded by a metal ring. The metal pipe under the line has is a tiny plate "sadat". The double reed of Uzbek surnay elicits sounds only if the artist uses a lot of effort. The positioning of the holes not only expands the sound range of the instrument, but also elicits clearer sounds.

Surnay yesterday and surnay today

Because of surnay's strong sound, it became one of the dominant musical instruments. In Uzbekistan surnay is largely used in the ensembles. For example, a wedding ceremony, the birth of a child. A wide repertory of surnay can be explained by a wide diversity of its uses. As surnay is a singing instrument, it can perform a continuous legato too.

Plays for sunray are very diverse. There are subgroups of surnay in Uzbekistan: ritual, military, ceremonial and announcing.

Surnay sounds sharply, with a nasal hue. Therefore, previously the relative loudness of the sound allowed using surnay as a signaling instrument, with the help of which it was possible at the necessary moment to gather people for solemn or other ceremonies. Sometimes surnay was included in the military instrumental ensembles.

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