Uzbek arba

Uzbek arba
Uzbek arba

For a long time a horse-drawn vehicle or arba (in Uzbek) has been the main mode of transport in Central Asia and, particularly, in Uzbekistan. It originated in ancient times. Arba is the first and simplest mode of transport, the emergence of which is associated with the development of cattle breeding, agriculture and folk art. Such carts were used to transport goods, people, and even for combat purposes.

Different studies make it very clear that in the past, horses were harnessed in the arba, camels less often. Much later donkeys were used mostly.

In Uzbekistan, unlike other countries, only a two-wheeled arba was spread. The main feature of the arba in the northern part of Uzbekistan, Karakalpakstan and Turkmenistan is a very large wheel diameter. In Uzbekistan arba was known as "Kukon arava".

The design of the Uzbek arba has several explanations. First of all, big wheels made it possible to move faster on uneven terrain, not to roll over when hitting large stones. Due to the fact that the riders were sitting high, they did not have time to get the dust in the summer.

For a long time the Uzbek arba has been used as a mode of transport, as it was very practical and convenient. And today such carts can be seen in the countryside, but they are becoming less and less.

The most interesting thing is that the design of a vehicle of past years does not actually differ from what we see today. You can see the medieval arba in the museums of Uzbekistan. And you can realize this opportunity during your long-expected tour to Uzbekistan.

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