Kurban Hayit in Uzbekistan

Kurban Hayit in Uzbekistan
Kurban Hayit in Uzbekistan

General notion of the holiday Kurban Hayit

The religious holiday of Kurban Hayit in Uzbekistan was declared in 1991. Preparations for Kurban Hayit begin the day before the holiday and this day is called "Arafa". On the day of Arafa, traditional flour products are prepared in each Uzbek family. They are kush-tili, bogursok, orama, chak-chak and others. In the evening a pre-holiday pilaf, which is exchanged between neighbors, is prepared.

Kurban Hayit in Uzbekistan, on a par with other countries, begins with the morning prayer, called Hayit-Namaz. After this sacrifices are made.

The beginning of the holiday of Kurban Bairam coincides with the last day of pilgrimage to Muslim shrines in Saudi Arabia. On the eve of Kurban Bayram pilgrims climb to the mount Arafat. On the day of the sacrifice the faithful make a symbolic beating of Shaitan and a solemn detour around the Kaaba in Mecca. Kurban Hayit is observed in 70 days after the celebration of Uraza Bayram. The holiday lasts for 3-4 days.

Nevertheless, not all the Muslims can go on a pilgrimage to Mecca. Thereupon the Muslim canons are ordered to perform the main part of the ritual wherever the Muslim is.

Regardless the area and the features of the national cuisine, all the Muslims should taste many dishes of meat, as well as many sweets.

History of Kurban Bayram

Once prophet Ibrahim had a dream in which he was told to sacrifice to Allah his own child Ismail. According to the Koran, the dreams of the prophets are true and cannot be brought into question.

Unable to reject the order of the Supreme Being, Ibrahim decided to fulfill the will of the Most High and went with his only son to the Mina valley (nowadays Mecca is here). At the moment when Ibrahim waved a knife, an angel came down to him and stopped him. According to the legend, the order of Allah was the trials for the Prophet to test the steadfastness of his faith.

In response for the Prophet's intention to sacrifice the most valuable, Allah granted him mercy and sent the ram out of Paradise for sacrifice without taking the child's life.

Kurban Bayram celebration in Uzbekistan

Kurban Bayram in Uzbekistan, as in any Muslim country begins from the very morning. After bathing and putting on new clothes, the Muslims go to the mosque for the morning prayer. After the prayer is over, the faithful return to the houses, where they sing glorification to Allah. Then the Muslims go to a special site or to the mosque, where they listen to the mullah's preaches. After the sermon, people visit the cemetery and pray for the deceased.

After the faithful return home they start the rite of sacrifice.

The Muslims in Uzbekistan try to treat the poor, make gifts to friends and relatives during Kurban Bairam; visit each other, as the presence during the rite of sacrifice is considered to be blessed.

In the period of Kurban Hayit in Uzbekistan, it is especially noticeable how many ancient local traditions were intertwined with the introduced religious traditions. Children are happy with the holiday most of all. There are toys and sweets that are manufactured and sold only during Kurban Hayit days. They are wooden and tin ratchets, tin horns and clay whistles, lozenges of various shapes and a variety of nuts-and-honey bar.

Kurban Hayit in Uzbekistan, as in other Muslim countries, lasts three days. There is a custom to visit the oldest of the relatives and neighbors. In houses where there is a "kelin" (a young wife) guests are welcomed and the kelin meets them, making "kelin-salom" (ritual light girdle half-bread). On these days in the Uzbek "mahallas" (communities) you can see groups of children, who walk from house to house, admiring elegantly dressed daughters-in-law and treating themselves with sweets from their hands.

During the observance of Kurban Hayit one should pay a special attention to a family, and also to show mercy and compassion to the needy.

Do not lose the slightest opportunity to be on a tour of Uzbekistan and know the culture of the Uzbek people. Here you can be in the center of Uzbek celebrations and see how all national and religious holidays of Uzbekistan are solemnized.

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