Constitution Day in Uzbekistan

Constitution Day in Uzbekistan

The Constitution - the main law of the state - is the core of the entire legal system of Uzbekistan and determines the meaning and content of other laws.u00a0 The national holiday of Uzbekistan - Constitution Day - is observed annually on December 8.

The Constitution of Uzbekistan is a creative unity of domestic state-legal, spiritual and cultural needs for progress and world experience of stable constitutional self-development.

The history of the holiday

At the XI session of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Uzbekistan the Constitution of the country was adopted. This happened on December 8, 1992. Before that, the Constitution of the Uzbek SSR, adopted on February 14, 1937, had remained valid for more than 40 years.

For almost 2.5 years the Constitutional Commission has been working on drafting the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The working group of 32 people (leading specialists and scientists) was created. Six small groups of 50 people were created to prepare chapters of the Constitution.

The XI session of the Supreme Council, which was held in December 8, 1992, discussed the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The deputies made about 80 changes, additions and clarifications to the draft.

In formulation of the Constitution draft, the authors relied on three main sources: the centuries-old national legal heritage, standards for international individual rights, and foreign constitutional experience.

Celebration of the Constitution Day in Uzbekistan

Today the enactment of the main law of the state is solemnized as a national and public holiday. The streets of the cities are adorned with flags. In the capital city there are various festive events timed to the holiday. Residents and guests of the capital, who travel in Uzbekistan, usually watch pop concerts, educational and sports events, acts of charity. People with their families visit exhibitions and various shows.

The Uzbek Constitution is a firm foundation for the democratic development of the Uzbek state. It is a really working document of direct action. The Constitution for a citizen of any country is the Law he must know first, because knowledge and the competent application of laws are the norm of civilized life, a powerful lever for improving its quality.

The value of the constitution, which determines the basic principles of state development, is increasing every year. The highest value enshrined in the Constitution is people's rights, their freedom and equality. Therefore, the Constitution Day in Uzbekistan is important for all people living in here.

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