Bobur Park in Tashkent

Bobur Park in Tashkent
Bobur Park in Tashkent

Bobur Park: its history and general information

The Bobur entertainment park is an amazing place in the center of Tashkent with a lot of trees and a beautiful pond in the center.

The Park named after Bobur was laid out on the place of the former stables of the governor-general Kaufman in 1932. It was built by the method of "people's construction", as well as many objects of that distant romantic time. A lot of events have been heard since then, but the spirit has remained the same. This is a park of young romantics, a park of lovers. Here, as before, under the age-old plane trees, visits are arranged, young mothers with strollers are walking in the shade of the trees, children are rushing along the paths. The Bobur Park holds exhibitions of flowers, days of beer lovers, days of tourism and much more. These days you can meet tourists who make excursions and tours around Tashkent and Uzbekistan in general.

Peace Bell. The property of not only the park, but the whole country

The Park of Culture and Entertainment after Bobur is also a home to the so-called Peace Bell, which can be heard every year on April 22 on International Day of Peace, as a call for non-violence and a cease-fire, as well as adherence to the ideals of friendship and harmony.

The inscription on the Peace Bell says: "Long live universal peace throughout the world."

Since the park is located near the Pedagogical University, all year round you can see walking students. In the Bobur Park there is a lot of entertainment for children. These are children's attractions, a platform for roller skating and sports grounds for playing in big and table tennis. There are many cafes in the Bobur Park in Tashkent.

Currently, the park area is 17.5 hectares, the green lawn area is 7 hectares.

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