Anchor Lokomotiv Park in Tashkent

Anchor Lokomotiv Park in Tashkent
Anchor Lokomotiv Park in Tashkent
Anchor Lokomotiv Park in Tashkent

Anchor Lokomotiv Park - one of uncommon and colourful parks in Tashkent

Planning your trip to Uzbekistan (Tashkent), do not forget about amusement parks and such places of the capital. One of these parks, well-known among citizens is the Anchor Lokomotiv Park.

On the 8th of August, 2016 in Tashkent a unique park of culture and recreation "Anchor Lokomotiv" was opened. It is located on the territory of eight hectares between the streets of Labzak and Zulfiyahonim, as well as the Anchor channel in the Shaykhantour district of the capital.

The first thing that catches your eye is the karting track, the only one of its kind in the CIS countries of more than 12 thousand square meters. The length of the race track of the unique building is 540 meters. It is even planned to hold competitions on racing cars made in Germany.

According to the administration of the Anchor Lokomotiv Park, more than 42 kartings of four types were purchased: children, for beginners, as well as training and professional machines. According to the ideas, the new karting track should give an inexpressible feeling to vacationers from fast driving, and experienced instructors monitor the safety at the site.

In the new Tashkent park "Anchor Lokomotiv" there are a lot of different attractions that can hardly be found in other similar places of rest of the townspeople. There is also a climbing wall, a rope town, and a large playground. And such unique attractions as "Mill", "Struggle with a shark", "Star fly", "Retro carriages", "Pirate ship", "Sea rocket", "Mirror labyrinth" and many others in general make rest of visitors unforgettable and charging with positive emotions.

Attractions in the park "Anchor Lokomotiv" are set for absolutely different ages. Here there are leisurely carousels for kids and extreme attractions for adults. One of them is the unique structure "Skyscraper". Untwisting, it is capable to lift passengers to a height of 43 meters.

In the recreation area "Anchor Lokomotiv" there is also a summer cinema, where concerts and various events are held in the open air. In this recreation area there is also a large restaurant with 320 seats, which welcomes guests with delicious national dishes and European cuisine.

Nearby is an artificial pond with an area of u200bu200b1810 square meters. The creators of the park with interest approached the idea of u200bu200bboats and catamarans. Stylized for red retro cars and white swans, they smoothly dissect through an artificial reservoir. An overview pedestrian bridge passes through the pond.

In addition, guests are greeted by a large fountain with multi-colored lanterns, a children's restaurant, many sites for the youngest guests of the park, various cafes and many other interesting places and areas for children's games and fun. Also free parking for cars is available to all visitors of the Anchor Lokomotiv Park in Tashkent.

Another notable point in the new recreation area is that the creators have installed here architectural models of seven historical sights and symbols of the cities of Uzbekistan. Thanks to this the Anchor Lokomotiv Park has acquired a unique national flavor, which makes it unforgettable for recreation. So, here there is a television tower of Tashkent, famous Kalta Minor Minaret in Khiva, Bukhara Minaret Kalyan, Samarkand Sherdor madrassah, memorial complex of Babur in Andijan, Tashkent chimes and the capital museum of Temurids.

In the park there is an exact copy of the high-speed train "Afrosiab", which operates as a cafe.

The new park "Anchor Lokomotiv" is unlike any of the other parks that are available today in the capital. And it's not just about the newest attractions, carousels and high fountains, but also in the architectural decoration of this object, the scale of the buildings and some special color.


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