9th of May in Uzbekistan

9th of May in Uzbekistan
9th of May in Uzbekistan
9th of May in Uzbekistan

On March 2, 1999 in Uzbekistan a new name for the holiday "Victory Day", which is celebrated in the country on May 9, appeared. From now on it is called the "Day of Memory and Honor". Memory - to fallen for their country. Honors - to alive.

On May 9, Uzbekistan observes the Day of Memory and Honor, a holiday of grief, reverent deference and pride, and deep thankfulness.

Uzbekistan did a lot to ensure that fascism was defeated. The republic hosted refugees; the evacuated factories provided the front. During the Great Patriotic War more than 450,000 Uzbek servicemen were died.

Celebration of Memory and Honor Day in Uzbekistan

On May 9, all dwellers of Uzbekistan, like other people around the world congratulate ex-servicemen. Concerts, treats, charity events and awards are held everywhere.

And of course on the 9th of May Uzbek people go to memorials, pantheons with eternal fire, monuments and lay flowers and honor a minute of silence with the memory of the heroes.

In Tashkent, the center of the gaieties in honor of the Remembrance Day in Uzbekistan, is the Mustakillik Square, where the Alley of Fame and Remembrance is situated. Here are granite steles, on which the names of all the Uzbek soldiers of the Great Patriotic War are engraved. In the middle of the alley is a memorial symbolizing the Motherland; it is a statue of grieving Mother in bronze.

Indeed, this landmark date, which is of great significance in the life of our people, in every house, every city and town, is always solemnized with great respect and veneration. For on the land of Uzbekistan there is not a single family, not a single house whose doom would not be connected with this date - 9th of May in Uzbekistan. In other words, practically every father and grandfather participated, was wounded or died on the fronts of the war.

Also on the Memorial Day, thousands of residents and guests of Uzbekistan lay flowers to the mass grave to do homage to those who devoted their lives. Young people and people of advanced age, children and adults on this day are eager to visit this memorable place. In difficult years, the Uzbeks took thousands of families evacuated to the rear of residents of the fraternal republics who left the enemy's territory. Many families sheltered and adopted homeless or single children. One of such families was the Shamakhmudov family. This family, heroic in its own sense, adopted 15 children. In Tashkent even the bronze monument to this family was erected. On the eve of the Dayu00a0of Remembranceu00a0and Honor in Uzbekistan, the population is going to visit veterans. They are brought flowers and food, talked about the war and about life, invited to various cultural events.

The 9th of May in Uzbekistan unites those who lost relatives and friends, who participated in military battles and remember them, who are alive and live in peace through victory. The memory of the past helps people live in the present and make plans for the future, because it shows the value of life, peace, quiet and flourishing.

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