Uzbek spices

Uzbek spices
Uzbek spices

Uzbeks know how to play with tastes like no others? We are able to create absolutely unique dishes with the help of ordinary dried plants, which today are called spices. They are in the form of peas, grains, dried berries and leaves, ground and chopped. Spices are our helpers. Without Uzbek spices, the dishes are monotonous and uninteresting. Do not be afraid to buy spices, combine them with each other, add to each dish and do not cease to be surprised at the results. It will be delicious, do not hesitate!

Now just plunge into this world of colorful and insanely delicious cuisine of Uzbekistan!

To prepare tasty and aromatic dishes, Uzbek chefs use a variety of Uzbek spices and herbs, which arouse appetite. Mainly while cooking the following Uzbek cuisine spices are used: zira, zirk (barberry), red capsicum in fresh and dried form, black pepper, coriander (cilantro seeds), bay leaves, cinnamon, buckwheat, etc. For example, Uzbek pilaf is inconceivable without such Uzbek plov spices as saffron, barberry and zira, and without the hot or fragrant pepper it is practically impossible to cook Uzbek dishes.

Today it is difficult to imagine Uzbek cuisine without the use of spices, and the bazaars of Uzbekistan - without the sellers of these spicy secrets. If you ever enter Uzbekistan, please do not miss the opportunity and go to the nearest bazaar. You should at least look at this majestic riot of colors among the baskets with a variety of spices. All the smells around you will mix together, and you will not be able to pass by. It is Uzbekistan spices that will give your dishes the right color and unique taste.

Herbs and spices of Uzbekistan, used correctly, will give your dishes not only excellent taste, but also bring great benefits to your health. It is not for nothing that the eastern spices improve the mood and appetite, and can also cure many diseases and prolong life.

We are proud to invite you to Uzbekistan having used Uzbek tour packages.

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