История Карши

Karshi history

History of Karshi is sufficiently capacious dated 7 BC. That is why Karshi is considered one of the most ancient cities of Uzbekistan. And from the beginning of its foundation Karshi always attracted the attention of conquerors that entered on the lands of modern Central Asia.

Ancient sources on the history of Uzbekistan are the holy book of the Zoroastrians 'Avesta' that tells about the culture of the first state associations in Turan is ancient Bactria, Sogdiana, Khorezm.

The following sources include the inscription of Behestunsk found in near the modern city of Kermanshah in Iran. It was written by order of the Achaemenid king Darius I, in three languages, Old Persian, Elamite and Babylonian, but it was not listed in the conquered nations and peoples of Turan, including Sogdiana, Bactria and Khorezm. Already in the 5 BC "Father of history" Herodotus wrote a book calling it "history" that is, the science of the past, and it brought a great story about Uzbekistan. Behind him in Iv.do BC "Father of geography" Strabo wrote work "Geography", there is information about the results of Turan. At the end of the beginning of the II-Ib. BC ancient Chinese historian Sima Jian wrote his work, which is called "Historical Records". In it, he spoke about the ancient states existed on the territory of modern Uzbekistan.

Magnificent cult architecture, picturesque mountains, sumptuous bazaars and hospitable people - this does not leave anyone indifferent.

Karshi. The Renaissance period

Period of 14-15 centuries in history called the Renaissance. During this period, there is a revival of the material and spiritual culture. Here in Uzbekistan were skilled craftsmen brought from Syria, Iran, and India. They participated in the construction of magnificent palaces, mosques, madrassas and mausoleums. In Shahrisabz preserved portal Ak-Saray Palace, in Turkestan - the mosque of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi. Ulugbek continues at dawn of science and culture, the development of secular sciences - mathematics, history, astronomy and literature. Madrasas were built, preserved to this day, one in Samarkand Registan square, other in Bukhara. Ulugbek is better known in the world as a scientist - an astronomer, mathematician and historian.

One of the major representatives of the artistic culture was Kamoliddin Bekhzod - famous miniaturist painter that in Europe called "Rafael from the East."

Also, Hussein Baykara and Zahiriddin Babur were considered as figures of science and culture and at the same time in literature and history. So, Hussein Baykara wrote poetry and Mirzo Babur was an author of historical and literary works "Baburnoma." The most famous and popular representatives of the musical art of this period were considered Kul-Muhammad, Sheikh most, Hussain Shah, surprising and Kul. Kul-Muhammad was peshravy excellent, perfectly played stringed gidjak and twelve-plucked.

Favoring the representatives of literature and art, Alisher Navoi paid great attention to the development of science, especially historical. It is known that at his suggestion Herat Mirkhond historian (1433-1498). Wrote his great work(). As pointed out in the preface itself Mirkhond, the draft was approved by the labor Alisher Navoi. The project envisaged that Mirkhond write work of seven separate individual books, but these should be closely related. The draft also said that the work should not be burdened too long sentences, allegories, fluffy and vague expressions. Alisher Navoi largely helped Mirkhond. He has at his disposal a great space in khanaka Halasiye, made it possible to use private library provide material assistance. But death prevented Mirkhond fully complete the work, which he began in 1474 of the planned seven volumes he wrote six.

Karshi history. The role of the Silk Road in the history of Central Asian cities

In the XVI century great importance in the development of the historical and cultural ties and trade between the peoples of the East and West played well-known in the ancient world, the Great Silk Road.

The enormous scale of international trade takes the Kushan period, thereby strengthening the Silk Road. This way ensures the establishment of political and diplomatic relations, contributed to the spread of religions, cultural interaction and relay technological advances.

Central Asia and Karshi history have played a significant role in connecting the two great civilizations - the West and East, as a kind of the conductor as well as the other.

Modern Karshi

Modern Karshi - is a modern city, which is the administrative center of Kashkadarya. The city is situated on the bank of the river Kashka about 520 kilometers south-west of Tashkent, and about 335 kilometers north of the border with Afghanistan, Uzbekistan. Karshi could become not only a major industrial center, but also to preserve its historic roots. It is possible to visit the Karshi only school one, which was built for women in the XVI century.

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