TV Tower in Tashkent

TV Tower in Tashkent
TV Tower in Tashkent
TV Tower in Tashkent
TV Tower in Tashkent

If you are eager to contemplate Tashkent from bird's eye view, you should certainly book a unique tour to Uzbekistan and visit Tashkent TV Tower, or otherwise the Tashkent Television Tower.

In the observation deck of the Tashkent TV tower you can see an inimitable panorama of the city core. The Parliament Oliy Majlis, mayor's office ("khokimiat" in Uzbek), National Bank of Uzbekistan, International Business Center, Bozsu canal with the park, pavilions of the exhibition complex "Ekspocenter" are well seen from the observation point. Close to the Tashkent Television Tower there is an aqua park and aloof there is Tashkentland (park amusement). Hence visitors can see other regions of Tashkent and the suburb.

On the same level that the observation area is, there is a restaurant "Koinot" ("Cosmos"). Two halls of the restaurant Red and Blue make the full rotation about an axis of Tashkent TV Tower for one hour. The attendees of the restaurant may enjoy Uzbek cooking and the pleasant atmosphere.

In 1991 TV Tower in Tashkent was accepted to the Federation of Great World Towers, and it takes the 11th place among 200 towers in the world. In addition to that, the Tashkent Television Tower among CIS countries ranks second in height to Ostankino Tower in Moscow.

The visitor can rise to the Tashkent Television Tower using one of three lifts. The lifting speed is 4 meters per second.

Tashkent TV Tower is a tracery metal construction, set on three poles. Entwined reinforcement rods are stylized in Eastern patterns. The high level of the engineering design reaches 375 meters. It is the highest tower in Central Asia. The observation area itself is on the height of 94 meters. And the three conical poles of the height of 93 meters protect the steadiness of the Tashkent Television Tower.

TV Tower in Tashkent had been erected for 6 years, beginning from 1978. Tashkent Television Tower was brought into operation in 1985, 15th of January.

On the first stage of the structure there is a small exhibition hall, where the displays of TV towers from all over the world are shown. It will be interesting not only to stare at the tower and its view, but also know much useful information about Tashkent TV Tower history and its "sisters - neighbors".

The main functional issues of the Tashkent Television Tower are telecasting and HF-broadcasting.

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