The complex of Sultan Uwais

The complex of Sultan Uwais
The complex of Sultan Uwais
The complex of Sultan Uwais

Karakalpakstan is a land of ancient civilization. Since pristine times its inhabitants were ancestors that were engaged in breeding and agriculture, creating a bright and distinctive culture. There are numerous outstanding monuments of their cultural life and among them there is an unsurpassed masterpiece of medieval architecture - a complex of buildings Sultan Uwais.

Burial complex is located in Beruny district of Karakalpakstan. According to local legend, one of the companions of the Prophet Uwais Korani was buried here. Facilities of the complex were built at different times (XVI -XX centuries.). From epigraphic monuments preserved only a small part and in 2000 in the complex were carried out extensive restoration work.

The monument of Sultan Uwais is a memorial complex of XVII-XIX centuries that is located on the territory of Beruni district. Sultan Uwais, which is associated with this place, is famous for its activities in collecting and study of hadith.

His followers erected an inimitable mausoleum in his honor, and turned it into a place of worship. Today the cemetery Sultan Baba is a rather complex "infrastructure": mosque complex service, "holy" lake, shopping centers, canteens, hotels, etc.

The complex of Sultan Uwais is one of the most popular places of pilgrimage among the population of Karakalpakstan and Khorezm.

It should be noted that the Mausoleum of Sultan Uwais is a unique architectural construction, made with a deep knowledge of engineering excellence.

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