Tashkent lakeside golf club

Tashkent lakeside golf club
Tashkent lakeside golf club
Tashkent lakeside golf club
Tashkent lakeside golf club

Tashkent lakeside golf club is one of the very first golf clubs in the CIS and in particular in Central Asia. Its opening took place in 1998.

The territory of the Tashkent lakeside golf club consists of 100 hectares, on which there are 18 holes on evergreen lawns. Gentle hills, spreading crowns of trees, lakes and waterfalls serve as natural barriers to the game. Here golf fields with a length of 7015 yards challenge skilful players and give novices the chance to hone their skills.

Tashkent golf course, one of the first in Central Asia, was designed and equipped in compliance with all the rules adopted in the world of golf: there is a landscape of different types, "sand traps" and other natural obstacles - ponds, trees, high thick grass.

In addition to well-groomed lawns, perfect order and picturesque lake landscapes, Tashkent golf club pleases with clean country air.

The golf club in Tashkent has a specialized shop, hotel, restaurant, sauna, outdoor pool. One round lasts about 5 hours, so 4 rest houses were built on the field, where one can eat.

Many come to the Tashkent lakeside golf club precisely in order to play and take part in unofficial competitions.

The climate in Uzbekistan makes it possible to keep the green lawn of the golf field in perfect condition all year round. Therefore, tourists from the northern countries with great pleasure and for a lesser fee are ready to fly to Tashkent and visit the golf club.

Despite the seemingly elitism, golf is very democratic. Anyone can learn to play it, regardless of age and physical fitness. Golf develops sense of purpose, logical thinking and ability to focus. Even if you are not going to play regularly, this is a great way to diversify your leisure time, having a great time in a soothing atmosphere.

Tashkent world-class golf club is located in the suburban resort area of Rokhat, which can be reached in twenty minutes.

Peopletravel agency will be happy to help you to organize your vacation in the Tashkent lakeside golf club so that you still want to come to Tashkent to the lakes and enjoy the game on the green lawns. We will be able to guarantee you with all the necessary amenities, take into account your preferences and create an individual recreation program that will correspond only to your tastes and wishes.

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