State Museum of History of Uzbekistan

State Museum of History of Uzbekistan
State Museum of History of Uzbekistan
State Museum of History of Uzbekistan
State Museum of History of Uzbekistan

The history and origination of the State Museum of History

The State Museum of History of Uzbekistan is significant and the oldest scientific and educational establishment in Central Asia. The museum was instituted in 1876 on the 12th of July, and it several times changed various names. The Museum of History was the State Museum of Turkestan. Not long after the museum began to call the Principal Central-Asian Museum. The museum repeatedly changed its place. At present the State Museum of History of Uzbekistan is in downtown Tashkent in the building that is acknowledged as the best architectural installation in Tashkent of the XX century. The architecture is very original and authentic. The construction resembles the cube the symbol of eternity in the Oriental architecture. The revetment of this institution is complied in the traditional Uzbek appearance, and adorned with rich ornamental pattern.

The display of the State Museum of History in Tashkent deals with the history of Uzbek nation of different epochs. The concept of succession and sustainable development on the area of Uzbekistan's historical and cultural development course from different times is initiated to the construct of the museum.

More than 270 thousand of antiquities are stored in the museum holdings. The State Museum of History in Tashkent has the abundant collection on archeology, numismatology, anthropology, material treasures, the archives of documents of new and contemporary history, academic library with single editions of the XIX XX ages and earlier scripts.

The big bronze Saks kettle dated from the IV V centuries BC., and Buddha's statue of the I century AD, found by the archeologists during the excavations in Surkhandarya region, are of undoubted interest. The remains of the prehistoric man from Selangor, Teshiktash and Obirakhmat grottos (1,5 million years BC.) are presented amongst the unique items, which can be observed during your travel u0430round Uzbekistan and your visit to the State Museum of history.

The State Museum of History of Uzbekistan has four storeys. The first two storeys are used for holding different exhibits. On the third stage the guests can see the samples of Uzbekistan history from ancient period to the Timurids' era.

On the last floor there are museum pieces of the modern history (19 21 centuries). The papers and journals of the djadids, first playbills, celluloids and photographies are kept here.

Various tools, utensils, copper mirrors, cosmetics and jewelry, coins and other historical items are authentic material evidence of origin and human habitation on the territory of ancient Uzbekistan.

The State Museum of History in Uzbekistan is of great public appeal for scientists, historians, foreign travellers, who are keen on history of Central Asia. Only after visiting the museum one understands why Uzbekistan is such as it is.

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