Namazgokh Mosque

Namazgokh Mosque
Namazgokh Mosque
Namazgokh Mosque

Nurata city is an open-air sunny and comfortable museum. Nurata is the momentous religious and tourist center, and its occurrence is linked with the appearance of a fortress Nur, founded by Alexander III of Macedonin one of his subjugations.

In Nurata area there are several unique historical and architectural monuments. As an example, you should visit the beautiful Namazgokh Mosque in Nurata.

History of Namazgokh Mosque in Nurata

The date of construction of this ancient Muslim temple belongs to the 10th century. After six centuries, the ruling Emir Abdullah rebuilt the mosque, and now it appears before the eyes of the guests in this view. Namazgokh Mosque in Nurata is known for its uncommon roof, embellished with twenty-five cupolas, indicating the power and greatness of the ruling at the time Emir Abdullah. Above the roof a lantern-rotunda rises and the minaret is above the south portal.

Namazgokh Mosque in Nurata belongs to the historical and cultural complex "Nurata-Chashma". Besides the festive Namazgokh Mosque, on the territory of the complex there are Juma Mosque Chilsutun, Nur-Ata mazar, bath khamom. Also here you can behold a spring the water of which is regarded as curative.

Generally "Namazdoh" is translated as "a place for prayer." In Central Asian countries suburban mosques were called this way. Such mosques were intended for namaz during chief Muslim feasts.

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