Mirzachul. The Ancient Palace of Medieval Conquerors

Mirzachul. The Ancient Palace of Medieval Conquerors
Mirzachul. The Ancient Palace of Medieval Conquerors
Mirzachul. The Ancient Palace of Medieval Conquerors

The Ancient Palace of Medieval Conquerors

The oldest buildings date back to the territory of this settlement I-III c. BC. However, and they stand on the foundations of ancient buildings. In the III BC around the settlement grew fortifications - defensive walls with towers.

The splendor of antiquity

One of these towers can be seen in the north-western part of the settlement. This town was not only the capital of powers in the Jizzakh oasis, but also an important cultural and economic center.

In the southern part of this settlement rose corrugated walls of the citadel. To the west of it there is a palace of mud brick. The building of the palace arose, as shown by excavations in the V century BC and lasted until the end of the VIII.

Findings indicate a high artistic craftsmanship of syncretic nature of their art, in which local elements are combined with ancient traditions and ancient features of Buddhist art of East Turkestan, Bamiyan and Gandhara.

The structure of the main building of the palace consisted of three large ceremonial hall - East, West and Red. In these halls along the walls there were comfortable adobe sufas. In the East Room wall was expanded at the Sufa Honor (south), forming a broad platform.

In the Red Room to the south-brazier there was a special dais for fixtures or braziers. Overlap of the halls was made of wood, such as darbazi.

From the west there was a courtyard area that was paved with fired brick. The southern part of the yard was elevated above the rest of his area, forming a dais.

It was separated transverse triple arcade, which was based on two powerful circular columns and half-diameter of 2 meters, the oversight of the walls of the courtyard, built of baked bricks. Arcade and the walls surrounding the courtyard, were richly decorated with wonderful, with its artistic value, carved stucco.

The main rooms of the palace, built on a high platform, greatly towered above the rest of the buildings shakhristan. The walls of the state rooms were richly decorated with colorful scenes of different content.

For example, in the "Red Room" walls were painted with scenes of hunting for prey and fantastic animals, depicting the characters sitting on elephant back and fighting with the fantastic animals. The presence of wall paintings found in the West Hall.

In the "East Hall" are scenes of battle mounted warriors, hunting and ceremonial reception of the king. The paintings was decorated with carved geometric and plant motifs and figures of deer, wild boar hunting scene and rams, fantastic scenery, etc., made of alabaster carved plaster.

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