Mausoleum of Sheykh Zayniddin-Bobo

Mausoleum of Sheykh Zayniddin-Bobo
Mausoleum of Sheykh Zayniddin-Bobo
Mausoleum of Sheykh Zayniddin-Bobo
Mausoleum of Sheykh Zayniddin-Bobo

Mausoleum of Sheykh Zayniddin-Bobo in Tashkent is located in Kukcha region. The burial vault of Sheykh Zayniddin and his followers are in the mausoleum. The building of Mausoleum of Sheykh Zayniddin-Bobo was erected several centuries later in XVI after Sheykh's death.

Sheykh Zayniddin Kuin Orifon Al-Toshkandiy was the author of spiritual works.

Sheykh Zayniddin-Bobo was the son of Sheykh Shakhobiddin Umar As-Suhrawardi, the pioneer of the Suhrawardiyya order. Father sent Sheykh Zayniddin to Tashkent to serve the purpose of spreading ideas of the order.

Mausoleum of Sheykh Zayniddin-Bobo is ranked to the type of mausoleums-khanaka. The main entrance stands out against the peshtok (portal). The double sphero-conical dome blocks up the hall. The outer cupola is rising above the high cylinder. And on the front door the name of the master, Mir-Sharab Abdu-Mumin ogly, is carved.

Mausoleum of Sheykh Zayniddin-Bobo in Tashkent is in a good condition and even the lead crescent on the dome looks like real, and it dates from the times of its construction.

Mausoleum of Sheykh Zayniddin-Bobo was built by Amir Timur before his campaign to India. But it was reconstructed at the end of the XIX century. The mausoleum's height is 20 and 7 meters, and its size is 18 x 16 meters.

Not far from Mausoleum of Sheykh Zayniddin-Bobo there is chillyakhana (underground cell), where Sheykh Zayniddin-Bobo spent time for 40-days meditation. The cell dates from the XII XIII centuries.

The cell, adjoining to Mausoleum of Sheykh Zayniddin-Bobo is interesting not only for its size. As a matter of fact, it is an ordinary observatory. This is achieved thanks to a special arrangement of the central holes in the upper and lower domes. The holes are not on the same axis. But if they are linked to each other by a straight line, it will lie in the plane of the meridian of Tashkent. The angle that this line forms with the horizon is the angle of the sun rising above Tashkent at the summer equinox - June 22. Being in the lower room, you can once a year watch the sun during the day or certain celestial bodies at night.

These facts were discovered not long ago, at the beginning of the 90 s (XX century) during the renovation of the cell. And then it became clear why this settlement was called Hill of Wisdom. The usual chillyakhanas are in many mausoleums. They are visited to ask about the good. And only this cell of Mausoleum of Sheykh Zayniddin-Bobo of the XII century is a room specially adapted for astronomical observations.

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