Kosh-Madrasah Ensemble

Kosh-Madrasah Ensemble
Kosh-Madrasah Ensemble

The historians highly appreciate Abdullah Khan’s efforts on improvement of the land. Large construction works were hold thanks to the strengthening of central power. More than 1000 of rabats (coaching inns) and sardobas (dug reservoirs with water), many madrasahs, bridges, water storage basins were built during Abdullah Khan’s governing. The extensive trade center was established in Bukhara.

In the western zone of historical part of Bukhara there is Kosh-Madrasah. It is the architectural ensemble consisting of two madrasahs: Madrasah of Modari-Khan and Madrasah of Abdullah-Khan. Two madrasahs erected in the XVI century are located opposite each other.

Madrasah of Modari-Khan was built in 1566 – 1567. Modari-Khan is translated as “mother of the khan”, as this madrasah was built by the Uzbek khan Abdullah-Khan II in honour of his mother.


The main facade of Modari-Khan Madrasah is gorgeously decorated with ornamented tiles from colorful brick mosaic, which form the geometrical patterns. The images of butane flowers are on the majolica tiles. But it should be noticed that interior decoration of the facade looks modesty.

Inside the Madrasah of Modari-Khan there is a yard with one iwan (arched hall), two-storied loggias and hujras (cells). According to the classical principle there is a dormitory accommodation and darskhana (room for classes).

The building itself is originally constructed. It is trapeziform. The Madrasah of Modari-Khan was built such a way because the existing location of the street did not allow to orient the building while keeping the right-angled designing.

The second Madrasah of Abdullah-Khan was built in 1588 – 1590. The Madrasah of Abdullah-Khan is the masterpiece of Asian architecture. In the decoration of outside and inner facades of the madrasah the collection of glazed bricks and majolica blue gamma are used.

All structures of Abdullah-Khan Madrasah were built round the inner yard. The mosque is two-storied. In the yard there are four iwans with high portals. The dome is mounted in a special way. It is decorated with geometrical patterns, presenting five-, eight- and nine- pointed stars. All this gives a holiday-like appearance, especially at dawn, when sun rays illuminate the facade of the building. The doors of the madrasah are of special attention. The doors are fabricated from separate pieces of wood, with a nail.

It should be noted that the inner yard of the Madrasah of Abdullah-Khan creates the unforgettable view, inherent to Bukhara.

Kosh-Madrasah Ensemble in Bukhara is the distinguished monument, which attracts great deal of tourists from over the world. And you should also have a chance and travel to Uzbekistan, Bukhara with tours of Peopletravel Company.

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