Chimghan Mountains

Chimghan Mountains
Chimghan Mountains
Chimghan Mountains
Chimghan Mountains
Chimghan Mountains

Chimgan mountains

Mountains of Uzbekistan - is a very popular holiday place. The Chimgan mountains in Tashkent region were recognized tourist destination among the CIS.

In the Chimgan mountains there is a popular ski resort. First of all, the Chimgan mountains of Uzbekistan are warm. This is an important detail for lovers of skiing. As the saying goes, the slope keeps the ski.

The Chimgan Valley stretches at an altitude of 1200-1600 meters above sea level, and it is encircled with mountains. Above the valley the mountain Big Chimgan (3309 meters height) rises.

Chimgan mountains history

The Chimgan as a holiday destination was discovered in pre-revolutionary times. At the end of the XIX century Russian doctors-officers, having known about the health-giving properties of mountain air and sun, founded the hospital here. And when the suburban summer residence of the Governor-General of Turkestan was built there, the Chimgan as a luxury recreation area gained popularity among the townspeople.

Until 1867 this place was Russian military camp in Chimgan instead of the hospital.

Chimgan in Uzbekistan is located relatively close to the capital - Tashkent. Therefore, many lovers of winter sports prefer to make day trekking tours to the mountains of Chimgan.

Ski season in the Chimgan is not so long-lasting. In March descents are hampered by a viscous, wet snow. The beginning of the season is usually in late December, early January. The ideal time for skiing there is in February. In early March, the virgin lands are often covered with a thin crust of frozen little granulated snow. This time is for the gourmets of skiing.

Chimgan mountain routes are built considering that the location of the snow avalanche chutes, so these lines are almost safe.

As soon as the mass melting of snow in late April finishes, mountaineers, climbers and mountain tourists make Chimgan mountains hiking. At this period in the Chimgan the famous Alpiniad is held annually. Chimgan is well known as the "cradle" many sportsmen. Plenty of routes of different categories of difficulty attract the interest of young climbers and mature athletes to Chimgan, because you can make all required for climbs.

After having climbed to the Small Chimgan (2097 m.) and looked around, you can contemplate the nature around as though frozen in a kind of meditation and a breathtaking view opens before you. A view of distant mountains and spread out, affecting its azure the mountain lake Charvak - all this is the picture painted by the great artist freezes, and you - a little man stand in front of all this magnificence of nature, with bated breath, and hear only the sound of the heart ready to break out of the chest.

And having risen in the Big Chimgan, you begin to understand that you are in some other world - the world where there is no vanity of the valleys, there are no rivers and lakes, fields and cities and only everlasting sparkling snows as the guarantor of permanence and eternity of life, echo their dazzling whiteness with the downdraft sunlight.

You can also paraglide or ride horses. The most usual and well-known fish in the mountain rivers of the Chimgan is marinka. So, fishing takes place on the river Chimgan.

Flora and fauna of the Chimgan mountains

Among amphibians there are marsh frogs and toads. Toads reside in the river valleys up to the snowfields. In the lowlands of the Chimgan mountains you can meet reptiles - gray gecko, multicolored runner, desert lidless skink, water snake and glass-lizard. Even in the Chimgan there is an area where the traveler can discover the remains of sea creatures - the ammonites, trilobites, crustaceans.

The vegetation is interesting. The slopes of the Chimgan mountains are covered with juniper forests, sprouted poppies and herbs. Chimgan means "green soft grass" or "sod".

Mountain sheep and bears, marmots and eagles, partridges, owls, nightingales and others inhabit this area.

Between the rocks there are small lakes, rivers and waterfalls. In the mountain cliffs the caves with petroglyphs, which store history of the ancient in its walls, are hidden.

From the heights of the Chimgan mountains you can see the rivers Ugam, Pskem and Karzhantau. Another attraction which you can see while visiting mountains in Chimgan are the geological features. The red color of hills, containing iron oxide was formed in the Neogene period. There are also remnants of lava.

The hole in the foothills of the Chimgan got the name Unikkibulok - "Twelve keys." The name of the tract is related to the history of Uzbekistan.

Tashkent gates were built around the city, but did not survive to this day.

The gates were built around a new settlement along the canal Bozsu at the crossroads of caravan routes. Historical documents of the XV century say that the gates are named after local tribes, each of which was responsible for the protection of certain gates.

In June 1865 Russian troops captured Tashkent and the local nobility and the dwellers of the city brought the golden keys to all the 12 gates in the Russian military camp, which was located not far from the Chimgan. So this place was called "Twelve keys."

In the tract, in the foothills of the Chimgan, at height of 1,600 meters, a major tourist Chimgan ski resort was built. The tourist Chimgan ski resort in Uzbekistan includes hotels, recreations, camps, shops, restaurants, cafes and ski equipment rental items. You can also here go horse riding and quad biking, paragliding and hang-gliders.

The peaks of the Chimgan mountains, covered with shining eternal snow and closing half of the sky, are visible from the routes of Tashkent in the morning clear air. Most often, hidden by the mist of urban smog and everyday in the morning they are stunning, delighting and make heard their call. Therefore, for each Tashkent resident Chimgan is more than just mountains.

People visit mountain resort Chimgan in order to recover from everyday working week and to have priceless time in a friendly company. Ever you like extreme hiking or Chimgan mountains trekking you are sure to find something for the good of your soul. The Chimgan mountains in Uzbekistan await its guests in all seasons.

If you are eager to visit mountains in Chimgan, please, appeal to Peopletravel Company, and our agents will greatly compile tours to the Chimgan mountains.

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