Charvak reservoir

Charvak reservoir
Charvak reservoir
Charvak reservoir
Charvak reservoir

Charvak reservoir in Uzbekistan is placed at the junction of the mountain rivers Chatkal and Pskem. The surrounding natural landscape surprises with the incredible beauty and pure mountain air reduces fatigue and stress, satiates with energy and joy. The lake Charvak is enclosed by majestic mountains of the Western Tien Shan, on mountain trails of which tourist routes to waterfalls, caves, orchards, almond and walnut groves are laid.

This pearl of the Tien Shan appeared recently. The dam of stone surges is about 168 meters high, the mound was made in 1970. Intersections of Pskem, Kok-su and Chatkal rivers created wonderful mountain lakes - Charvak reservoir, blue water of which attracts tourists on hot summer days. Earlier in the zone of the lake there were several villages, mounds. Evidence of primitive people, cave paintings and other historical sites were found. But after the devastating earthquake of 1966, when the people of the Soviet Union made every effort for the restoration of Tashkent, it was the time of exigency of low-cost and environmentally friendly electricity. Hence, the authorities made a resolve to build the Charvak hydropower.

In the area of Charvak reservoir in Bostanlik district of Tashkent region there is a great number of historical and archaeological sites in Uzbekistan. Particularly, nearby the reservoir on the Paltau river there is a site of primitive people of Mousterian epoch -Obirakhmat. Near Charvak reservoir (in the village Khodjikent) there is a cave called Chinar, with many cave paintings of ancient people.

One of the interesting places of Charvak reservoir is Bogiston village. It is the native land of two great persons of the East: Sheikh Khovendi (Shayhantaur) and his distant relative Ubaidulla Akhror, world famous follower of Sufism.

The water in Charvak reservoir is very clean and like many mountain reservoirs has an amazing turquoise color.

The crystal-clear water, magnificent nature, different kinds of beach recreation and tourism - for the sake of all this many tourists every year visit Charvak reservoir. Today, the coastline of Charvak reservoir is about 100 km. of recreational areas, beaches, resorts and children's health camps.

In the touristic zone of the lake Charvak you can swim, go hiking in the surrounding hills and mountains, go in paragliding or ride on a water scooter; or maybe just enjoy fresh air, pure mountain water and see the amazing beauty of sunrises and sunsets.

Beautiful scenery of the Charvak reservoir in Tashkent can be enjoyed from the mountain peaks along the ridge. Bright sunshine, mild air and water temperatures, soft warm sand and blue water all that Charvak area is famous for.

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