Bukhara Water Tower

Bukhara Water Tower
Bukhara Water Tower
Bukhara Water Tower

In the center of a small square in the city of Bukhara, there is an openwork structure - the water tower of engineer Shukhov.

The water tower of Shukhov system is located next to the Ark citadel in the city of Bukhara. In 1920, the construction of a water supply system, now known as the Old Bukhara water utility, was started. The water tower laid out in 1927, designed by Vladimir Grigorievich Shukhov, became part of this water supply system. A talented mathematician and brilliant engineer, he became the author of inventions in various branches of industrial engineering: heat engineering, oil production, hydraulics, energy, and construction. His delicate towers have become a new kind of high-rise structures of the late XIX century. The construction of the pumping station in Bukhara was completed in 1929, and already at the beginning of the next year the first city water supply system began to work. For many years, this water tower of Shukhov faithfully served the water supply system of Bukhara, until in 1975 its wooden paneling burned down as a result of a fire, and the water tank did not warp. After that, the tower ceased to be exploited.

In the late 90s, Bukhara Water Tower was recognized as a historical heritage monument, and in the early 2000s, it was restored, an elevator was installed in the tower. Later it was used as a restaurant, but today it does not function in any capacity.

The design of the water tower in Bukhara is quite simple. A support ring is installed on the ring foundation, onto which metal strips are attached directly from the ground, without any adaptations. Through the nodes of their intersections wooden flooring is installed. New parts for the assembly of the next tier are lifted on the flooring. As the tiers are ready, the assembly site is gradually transferred to the upper nodes of the grid. High stability, lightness, low wind resistance, speed of assembly, efficiency and, finally, architectural completeness of the form led to the wide construction of such towers.

Residents of Bukhara call the water tower "Lacy autograph" of the great engineer. It must be said that Shukhov left another “autograph” in Uzbekistan. In 1932, he led the development of a project to straighten the falling minaret of the Ulugbek Madrasah in Samarkand. With the help of special devices, the minaret, deviated from the vertical by more than one meter, was returned to its original position in just four days without damage.

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