Bolaliktepa fortress in Termez

Bolaliktepa fortress in Termez
Bolaliktepa fortress in Termez
Bolaliktepa fortress in Termez

Bolaliktepa fortress

If you drive 30 km. to the north of Termez, you will get to a unique historical structure, rather the ruins of the ancient castle in Termez – Bolaliktepa fortress .

The fortress Bolaliktepa of Termez dates back to the 5th-6th centuries. It is named so due to the fact that it consists of large and low uplands.

The foundation of the fortress reaches 6 meters, and it is laid out of clay in the form of a square. Residential buildings consist of 10 rooms; the doors face the yard.

Bolaliktepa fortress was built of bricks. In each room there are special window openings for shooting. People entered the fortress and left it through the suspension bridge. Later, three more rooms were completed, especially for ritual ceremonies. In the center of the rooms was a hearth made of bricks. Inside the rooms, archeologists found pottery, glassware, rags, fragments of musical instruments, a pipe for smoking – “chilim” and other items.

The wall paintings in Bolaliktepa fortress of Termez attract the attention of scientists from all over the world. It is noteworthy that all four walls of the room are decorated. Drawings depicting the reception of guests are painted with glue paints on clay walls. In the foreground of the composition are the men and women sitting around. A little behind there are the servants standing with the fans. Their figures are shown a little smaller. Both men and women are depicted in national shoes – “maskha”. The right side of the chapan (Uzbek national clothe) is turned away from the top in the form of a collar. On the belt shawls there are various ornaments. Hems of chapans and sleeves are decorated. The long hair of women is assembled with a knot and strapped together with a white braid.

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