Arnasay Reserve

Arnasay Reserve
Arnasay Reserve
Arnasay Reserve

Amazing beauty of the valley

Arnasay Reserve was formed in 1977 in Jizzakh region in the area of 63,000 hectares. After a catastrophic flood, huge amounts of water from the Syr Darya headed into the Arnasay valley.

Thus here arose the lake, stretching from the coast along the northern Syrdarya comprising about 300 km from north to west. At one of the sites of the valley was organized Jizzak Arnasay reserve.

Beachfront of Arnasai spills within the reserve forms of different lengths bays and peninsulas. The largest peninsula is located along the northern boundary of the reserve reaches its area 5660 hectares. Shores are low and sandy, overgrown with reeds, cattails and reeds. In summer the water warms up to 28 ° C, in severe winters off the ice forms. Mineralization reaches from 5 to 20 g per liter.

You will enjoy this weather because here the climate is very mild climate, characterized by average annual temperature of +12,6 C. Flora of the Reserve presented by Kizilkum ephemeral associations. The main representatives are their djuzgun, sedge, bonfires, astragalus, boyalych, and yantak.

The desert is amazingly beautiful here in the early spring, when everywhere is beginning to turn green and start flowering, painting with all sorts of combinations, among which are red, pink, violet, purple etc.

Spring is marked by the return of birds, different species of ducks, swans, geese, cranes, bustard etc. In the vastness of protected lands you can meet the Dalmatian pelican, cormorant, white and gray herons, geese, terns, snipe, pheasant, and snipe.

At a sufficiently large territory of Arnasay Reserve in a coastal scrub and reed can be found muskrats, wolves, wild boars, jackals, fox, badgers , and jungle cat.

And among the sand lands often meets jerboa, yellow gopher steppe tortoise, big-eared hedgehog, boa, various snakes, lizard, and steppe agama.

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