Alisher Navoi park in Navoi

Alisher Navoi park in Navoi
Alisher Navoi park in Navoi
Alisher Navoi park in Navoi

Modern Navoi city is buried in verdure of gardens, squares and parks. The city is distinguished the original architectural building. Gallery and sectional houses are erected here. There are many fountains and green planting are everywhere.

So, one of the famous and favourite places of rest among townsmen is Alisher Navoi park.

History of Alisher Navoi park in Navoi

Initially, Yujniy park (Southern park), the area of which is 16 hectares, was built.

Not long ago Severniy park (Northern park) had been constructed. This park is bigger than the Yujniy park, and it is named Alisher Navoi park. Its area is 70 hectares. In the center of Alisher Navoi park there is the artificial sea, the water area of which is more than 20 hectares.

In the middle of the alleys there is a stadium, open swimming pool, summer and winter cinemas.

Alisher Navoi park in Navoi is the beauty and attraction of the city. The diversity of flowers, trees, monuments, as well as quiet atmosphere of Alisher Navoi park in Navoi will compel to forget about difficulties of life. In short, you will enjoy and relax in calm and green surroundings.

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