Ak-Saray. Destroyed masterpiece of the Medieval

Ak-Saray. Destroyed masterpiece of the Medieval
Ak-Saray. Destroyed masterpiece of the Medieval


Destroyed masterpiece of the Medieval

In the East, the word "white" is not only the color. It is a concept of unsurpassed, perfect, light, originality. Therefore Amir Temur palace of his hometown was named the White Palace (translated as the Ak-Saray). But it is fair to say that he himself Temur not lived in this palace, and shortly after his death, the palace was destroyed.

Ak-Saray was built for more than 20 years, and the Spanish ambassador Ruy Gonzalez de Clavijo left us his enthusiastic description. Tiles, glaze, gold, high portals, wide courtyard, murals on the walls - the image of the Indian campaigns, gilded ceilings, dome, which is taken by 50 meters in height...

Ak-Saray. Destroyed masterpiece of the Medieval

Above the arch of Ak-Saray was arranged pond, under the dome gardens with pools, water for which climbed the ceramic pipes laid from the mountains. Shining bulk towered over the city, inspiring awe and fear, and were inscribed above the portal of the arrogant words - «If you doubt about our power, look at our buildings."

Each new governor, replacing the deceased tried to demolish, destroy the face of the earth any mention of past power. In 1570, Ubaidullah Khan, the new ruler of Samarkand and Bukhara ordered to raze the Ak-Saray, and now there is only destroyed masterpieces than tell us about the past.

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