Aidar yurt camp

Aidar yurt camp
Aidar yurt camp
Aidar yurt camp

Yurt is a mobile home of nomads that is made of felt. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, convenient to transport by camel, horse, in the summer it protects from the sun, and in the cold - from rain and snow. At the top the yurt has a hole that creates cravings.

Recently Yurt camps have become a popular pastime among nature lovers and travel. Camel riding, study of ancient cities, the evening campfire accompanied by flowing melodies of the local people, rest away from civilization with a sense of freedom and harmony would not leave anyone indifferent.

At 10 kilometers from Aidarkul Lake is located Aidar yurt camp. Five years ago it was renovated and now has 11 yurts, decorated with sherdakami (felt carpets handmade items). The camp has electricity, toilets, showers and guest yurt, where anyone can enjoy national dishes.

Unique atmosphere and ancient traditions

Aidar yurt camp is a starting point for all kinds of hikes and excursions. You can ride a camel in the desert and go trekking; you can rent a jeep and go surf the sea of sand; fishing and hunting fans will be pleasantly surprised by the abundance of fish.

Exotic, unique atmosphere, national character and rich variety of entertainment attracted to this unknown world.

Being the most popular yurt camp in our country, it attracts hundreds of tourists every season, because it creates unique atmosphere in environmentally friendly yurts decorated with national carpets.

Not far from the camp there is a unique lake, where locals still manually extract salt. An unforgettable experience will make a visit to, where the local population still preserves ancient traditions and way of life.

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