Abdalhalik Al Gijduvani complex

Abdalhalik Al Gijduvani complex
Abdalhalik Al Gijduvani complex
Abdalhalik Al Gijduvani complex

The complex is located 50 km northeast of Bukhara. It was erected around the tomb of the famous Sufi Shaykh, founder of independent schools of mysticism in the Central Asia Abdalhalika ibn al- Abdaldzhalila Gijduvani (1180 - 1220) in 1230. His father was considered authoritative faqih wore honorary epithet Abduljalil and ascended its origin to Imam Malik Anas (713 - 795).

According to numerous sources, Abdalhalik studied with the famous mystic Abu Ya'qub Yusuf al- Hamadani (1048 - 1140) and then founded his own school. This mystical school was later called "Hodzhagan" and was fully accepted Bahauddin Muhammad, who is better known by his nickname Naqshband (1318 -1389).

Al Gijduvani formulated about 60 propositions, which must be adhered by the true Muslim occupied mystical-ascetic practices: mandatory performance Shari'ah, eradication reprehensible "innovations" in Sufism (tasawwuf) , a voluntary, self-sufficient but poverty, asceticism, renunciation of worldly pleasures , mandatory study of fiqh, etc. He considered reprehensible any contacts with the authorities, especially with the military rulers and any interference in politics.

Obviously, being extremely popular among Muslims in the region near al- Gijduvani graves the famous ruler of Ulugbek commanded to build about this place madrasah, which was completed in 1433.

In 2003, at the initiative of UNESCO and by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated December 4, 2002 was widely celebrated the 900th anniversary of the birth of Abdalhalik Al Gijduvani.

Restoration of the complex and the festivities led President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov. There has been extensive restoration and improvement works on an area of six hectares. A visit to this popular place continues today. Peopletravel helps you to choose the tour to Uzbekistan to your taste.

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