Navoi International Airport

Navoi International Airport
Navoi International Airport
Navoi International Airport
Navoi International Airport
Navoi International Airport

Navoi International Airport is one of the fast emerging airports in Central Asia, constantly improving new standards of production efficiency.

Navoi Airport is conveniently situated in the heart of Uzbekistan and Central Asia.

Taking into account its geographical advantage and the support of Uzbek government, now it turns into the most competitive regional center of logistics, connecting Europe with Asia.

Navoi Airport history

Navoi Airport is more than 50 years. It was built even before the devastating earthquake in 1968.

Navoi International Airport started its work in 1962, and in 1992 it became a part of «Uzbekistan Airways» Company. Navoi Airport launched a complete renovation in 2007.

Navoi Airport in Uzbekistan got the status of the international airport in January, 2009. And it is fully meets international standards and requirements for such type of structures.

Today Navoi Airport is able to handle more than 15 fully loaded aircrafts Boeing 747-400 for cargo flights daily. The airport is the second logistics site in Central Asia for cargo and ground operations. International Airport in Navoi binds major trade cities of the Eurasian continent.

Navoi Airport currently serves 3 airlines implementing flights to 9 cities in 8 countries. It is working to establish business affiliations with new airlines to create new routes.

In August 2011, Navoi International Airport began to fulfill the plan of the restructuring of the passenger terminal. In 2012, June a new passenger terminal was placed in operation. The passenger terminal is constructed of two terminals. Terminal "A" is for local flights and Terminal "B" is for international flights. Both terminals can serve 400 people per hour.

It is proposed to extend the international business between Europe and Asia, and re-creation of the Great Silk Road, which is used for wellbeing of countries around the world. However, unlike its predecessor, the "New Silk Road" will combine land, rail and air travel making it really comprehensive.

Navoi Airport will play a significant part not only in the framework of macroeconomic transport environment in Asia, but also in improving life quality and its regional economy, directly entailed in the creation of state wealth.

At Navoi International Airport there are the following rooms of heightened comfort: «CIP», «VIP» and the waiting space for maintenance services of the passengers.

While visiting Navoi Airport you can look in one of the introduced cafe, restaurant or bar where you can while away your time.

The medical post of the International Airport of Navoi is in the passenger terminal hall. The medical staff is ready to give first aid at competent level at any time.

The overall area of Navoi Airport is 4 800 093.1 square meters.

Navoi International Airport is located in 20 km. from Navoi city center.

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