Kara Kum desert

Kara Kum desert
Kara Kum desert
Kara Kum desert

Gold sands of Central Asia

This desert is mainly located in Navoi region. High mobility and flowability of sands of Kara Kum desert is physical and biological phenomena. Shifting sands have a higher moisture content compared to the seals, although the latter distinguished by a large fertility.

Condensing moisture from the air, hiding from the sun every drop that fell as rain or snow, desert preserves this precious gift in their depths. Under the Kyzyl Kum, Kara Kum deserts and Ustyurt plateau at a depth of more than a hundred meters located lake with fresh water. Some of this water is delivered to these lakes flowing down from the mountains of the river.

If the sands are fixed, they are favorable for the development of plants. Here, in addition to various herbs grow bushes and trees. For example, in the territory of Kara Kum reserve spread over 200 species of plants.

On sandy soils, enhancing the mobility of dunes grow black and white Haloxylon, sand acacia, cherkez, ephedra, calligonum and many other species. Unregulated and overexploitation of sandy grassland, cutting haloxylon firewood is likely to disrupt the ecological balance, lead to the destruction of vegetation, to the blowing sand areas and deflation.

This hotbed of deflation can spread rapidly, picking up hot winds such as "garmsil." Dry sand and dust can cause great damage to cultural fields and villages.

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