Tour a Tashkent

"Velvet hot dust to the ankles, red-hot duvals with wooden carved gates and the biggest and brightest stars ..." - residents of Tashkent say these words about their native city. For over two thousand years it has been inspiring the hearts and minds of millions of people who are somehow connected with it, its culture and history. One wants to visit Tashkent, to see it again and again, discovering new corners and facts each time.

Tashkent is an embodiment of the modern elegance and historical spirit that was inherited from the splendid Medieval.

It is the largest city located in the center of the route of many merchants, having numerous caravanserais, where travelers stopped to rest, transporting fabrics and spices and thinnest paper.

Although the historical realities of the day were in the distant past, today with the help of Tashkent travel package on this beautiful and fertile land you can enjoy the beauty and originality of architectural monuments, which are carefully guarded and cause genuine admiration.

We recommend you to make a trip to Tashkent - fabulous city that not so long ago celebrated its 2500th anniversary. For those who go on a journey, there is an opportunity to get acquainted with the sights and priceless stories and see the splendor of the powerful citadels.


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Pianifica il viaggio dei tuoi sogni!

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