Friendship Bridge in Termez

Friendship Bridge in Termez
Friendship Bridge in Termez

One of the attractions of Termez is the famous Friendship Bridge, the only one bridge on the southern border of Uzbekistan with Afghanistan, which connects Termez with the port city of Hairaton.

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If you look into the history of this bridge, you will know that it was repeatedly reconstructed and erected again, until it acquired the current look. More than a century ago, at the site there was the first wooden bridge; and then there was an iron Amu Darya bridge, built in the period of tsarist Russia.

The first wooden bridge was built in May 1888 under the leadership of the General of the Russian Tsarist Army, M. Annenkov, when Russia began to develop Central Asia. Then the Transcaspian railway was being built and crossing of the Amu Darya was necessary.

The Amu Darya railway Bridge of Friendship was fortified on wooden stilts, and its length was almost three kilometers. It was called the largest engineering achievement of that time. Alas, the bridge lasted only 14 years. Through the rapid flow of the river and the sandy bottom, the bridge began to collapse and quickly fell into disrepair.

At the beginning of the XX century the Trans-Caspian railway was renamed Central Asian one, as now it covered the whole Turkestan. The load on the Amu Darya bridge of Friendship became so significant that it required its urgent modernization.

The engineering of new iron, river crossing began in 1902. A solid railway bridge of 27 spans was constructed.

The modern railway-car bridge, 816 meters long, was erected in 1981 by Soviet engineers at the height of the Afghan campaign. In February 1989, it was precisely for this that the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan was performed.

After the end of the war the Taliban captured the northern provinces of Afghanistan, and the Friendship Bridge for security reasons, was closed. Only in 2001 the movement on the bridge was resumed.

To date, the Friendship Bridge in Termez has two automobile lanes and one railway track, through which freight and road transport are carried out. Freight vehicles and wagons of the EU, CIS and other countries of the world pass through the bridge.

The technical maintenance of the whole Friendship Bridge in Termez is carried out by Uzbekistan specialists at no cost as a sign of friendship and the strengthening of good-neighborly relations between the peoples of the two countries.

The authorities of both states take all urgent measures to ensure security when moving on the bridge, and therefore this transport corridor is considered the safest.

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