Denau is located near Pamir Mountains and reaches one of the tributary of Syr Darya. This place is one of the tourist destinations that could share incredible stories and legends that are spread by local people.

First of all, the specific peculiarities of the climate could give you a unique experience visiting this town. The beauty and diversity of nature, the presence of mineral springs are another factor of attractiveness of these places as well as unequalled natural monuments and history.

Culture and sightseeing of Denau

Particularly tourists are fond of visiting attractive midlands of mountain forest. The town is also rich in a variety of retail outlets, enchanting shops and also the big bazaars with the aroma of spices, beautiful fabrics and the most delicious cuisine. The spirit and the cultural aura of Denau formed over the centuries.

Here any tourist will have an opportunity to walk to small mountain forest, cliffs, and gorges, find a network of various medical, recreational complexes, as well as amazing sightseeing.

For lovers of carpets this city has always had a special significance. Kokand carpets made of camel wool, decorated with patterns, and are highly valued in Europe. Here there is a great choice of them.

Narrow streets lead past old houses to the mausoleums, palaces and mosques. It is impossible to get lost, because all roads lead to the grand old city wall, where you can go to the starting point of his journey - to one of the two main gates of pearl of the East.

Contrast climate and vegetation, marvelous landscapes of mountain valleys, slopes, snow-capped peaks, narrow mountain trails, picturesque mountain villages with their distinctive ancient folk traditions - all of this can be estimated to Denau.

And also you will be able to take a lot of unforgettable experiences and memories of the indescribable beauty of the mountains as well as the desire to come back here again and again.

With Peopletravel you have a chance to visit this bewitching town.

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