Ayritam settlement near Termez

Ayritam settlement near Termez
Ayritam settlement near Termez
Ayritam settlement near Termez
Ayritam settlement near Termez


The ancient settlement Ayritam close to Termez includes a number of important historical monuments. It is possible to find a complex along one of the banks of the Amu Darya river almost two dozen kilometers from Termez. The studied area of the town, where in the 2nd century the fort operated, is almost 90 hectares.

The complex Ayritam as Karatepa and Zurmala Stupa was opened in the pre-war period, in the old Termez.

From the turn of our era in connection with the penetration of Buddhism into North Bactria in Ayritam, a wide construction of Buddhist monuments begins. The ruins of the Greco-Bactrian building were used as a platform for the Buddhist complex.

The first excavations were conducted in 1933. It is known that the expedition diaries and drawings burned down. But the remnants of the late buildings made it possible to determine that in the Greco-Bactrian time a monumental fort was erected on the territory of Ayritam near Termez; and during the Kushan times a large Buddhist monastic center was built here. It is the Kushan era that is considered the peak of the development of the Buddhist culture.

The length of the monastery center reached 3 km.

Architects and decorators of that time took care of the building to be really luxurious.

So the buildings were fenced on three sides by fortress walls with towers; they were richly beautified with sculpture and architectural decor made of marble limestone.

Around the Ayritam complex there were logistic and production services, among which there were pottery furnaces.

However, all this splendor existed only until the beginning of the third century. In the second half of the III century Ayritam settlement fell into decay and was not restored.

In 1932 the scientist M. Masson, who conducted the research here, discovered several magnificent Buddhist sculptures and plates with the image of musicians and garland bearers.

Among the surviving finds there are 3 copper coins: the imitation of the coins of Heliocles and Soter Megas.

All the finds from the settlement Ayritam in Termez, after careful study, description and classification, were transferred to the museums of the republic.

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