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Pearls of Ustyurt Plateau

A fascinating one-day tour to Barsakelmas salt marsh and Sudochye Lake. The lake is located in the delta of the Amu-Darya River to the South-East of the Aral Sea, and nowadays is fed by the Raushan canal, and represents 4 water bodies. 

On the banks of the Sudochye there was a fishing village Urga, founded by fugitive Cossacks after Pugachev's uprising. On Cape Urga you can find the ruins of a lighthouse left by the ancient Massaget tribes. 

Lake Sudochye have a great importance for ornithologists, having received the status of the most important ornithological territory and being a part of the Ramsar Convention. It is on the migration route of many birds from Siberia and tundra, which makes it home to more than 230 species of birds, including rare representatives listed in the Red Book of Uzbekistan and the world.

After Sudochye Lake we will drive to an amazing salt marsh with the terrifying name Barsakelmes - "you go, you won't come back". This place strikes the imagination with its boundless and lifeless salt surface. The size of the salt marsh is 30 by 60 kilometers. The best time to visit it is at sunrise and sunset, when the play of light and shadow creates unique landscapes.  

Aperçu du voyage

Style de voyage Circuits Aventure Extrême
Pays Ouzbékistan
Itinéraire Nukus – Ustyurt Plateau – Barsakelmes – Sudochye Lake – Nukus

Itinéraire détaillé

We start our journey from your hotel in Nukus or Airport.
Transfer to Barsakelmes salt marsh 200 km 3 hours.
On the way we will visit Mizdakhan necropolis, located near the remains of Gyaur-kala fortress.
Barsakelmes is a giant depression (30x60 km) at the beginning of the Ustyurt plateau, filled with a huge mass of salt, formed several million years ago, when there was an ancient ocean Tethys, Walk along the salt marsh. 
Transfer to Sudochie Lake.
Lunch (lunch boxes)

In spring and fall, you can witness the migration of pink flamingos and other birds on the lake, as Sudochye lake is the most important ornithological area. Every year more than 200 species of birds arrive during migration.

Walk through the abandoned fishing village of Urga and visit the ruins of the ancient Lighthouse.

Transfer to the hotel or airport of Nukus city.

Lieux visités

Mizdakhan necropolis, Gyaur-Kala fortress, Ustyurt Plateau, Barsakelmes salt marsh, Sudochie Lake

Prix et conditions

Le prix comprend

  • Transport services on SUV (Toyota Land Cruiser)
  • Entrance Fees
  • 1l of minirel water per person
  • Lunch

Le prix ne comprend pas

  • International and domestic flights
  • Guide services USD 60
  • Medical insurance
  • Fee for Video and photo shooting on site 
  • Lost, stolen and damaged luggage
  • Tips for guides, tour guides and drivers
  • Cancellation fees

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