Visa Support

Visa Support

For travelers to certain destinations, a valid visa and travel document are essential for entry. However, some countries have agreements or exceptions in place that allow citizens from specific nations to travel visa-free or with a simplified visa process.

Visa-Free Regimes

Certain countries have introduced visa-free regimes for specific nationalities for a duration of up to 30 days.

Simplified Visa Procedures

There are nations which have set a simplified process for obtaining tourist visas, visa-free transit, temporary stay, and departure for citizens from a broad list of countries.

Electronic Tourist Visas

For the ease of travelers, some countries also provide electronic tourist visa facilities for a particular set of nations.

If your country isn’t part of the mentioned lists or agreements, a Letter of Invitation (LOI) might be required. Some agencies provide this LOI free of charge, but typically this is contingent upon purchasing other services from them.

The visa support approval process can take a specific number of working days, and once approved, the LOI is sent to the designated Embassy or Consulate. If arriving from a nation without a particular country's Embassy or Consulate, visas can sometimes be obtained upon arrival at major international airports.

Procedure for Acquiring an LOI

  1. Provide a passport copy.
  2. Submit a letter from your workplace.
  3. Complete the required application form.
  4. Pay the visa fee, which can vary based on country and citizenship.

Important Notes

Some agencies mandate the purchase of services to provide an LOI.
Visa and LOI approval timings, along with possible rejections, are typically beyond the agency's control.

Visa Support

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