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Kazakhstan – is the 9th biggest country in the world – also situates in Central Asian. Most part of the Kazakh territory consists of steppes, which seem to be boundless and infinite. It is especially surprising that the capital of Kazakhstan – Astana – has risen up among steppes and it took just several years. High mountains here give you best opportunities to spend your vacations in ski resorts, wonderful forests and lakes – for hunting and fishing.

Modernity and Tradition

Astana, renamed Nur-Sultan, is a futurist's dream, with skyscrapers like the Bayterek Tower symbolizing Kazakhstan's ambitions. On the other end, you have the traditional yurt villages where time seems to stand still.

Natural Wonders

Kazakhstan also boasts natural sites like Lake Balkhash, half fresh and half saline, a marvel hard to find elsewhere. The Tian Shan mountains add a rugged beauty to the southern part of the country.

The Tour to Kazakhstan also stipulates a Sightseeing tour to Baikonur - famous spaceport in Kazakhstan, where the first human was sent to the space from! The former capital or the second capital of Kazakhstan – Almaty, attracts with its club life, shopping stores and restaurants.

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Tours to Kazakhstan are available whole year long. Kazakhstan welcomes tourists from all over the world and Peopletravel offers them recreation opportunities, eco tours, as well as active vacations in mountain peaks, wild nature, lakes and rivers, deserts and etc. Our tours to Kazakhstan include visiting attractions of famous Kasakh cities as Almaty, Chimkent, Baikonur as well as Turkistan, Lake Issyk, Aral Sea.

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