Turismo en Termez

Archeological research and excavation showed that since ninth century this city became a Central Asian heart of trade and crafts related to Chinа, Indiа, Byzаntium, Parthiа, Egypt, Rome, Afghanistаn and Black Seа coast. To Termеz were delivered set of goods such as wheat, cotton, silk and carpets. And till now this city preserves many memorials of medieval centuries. 


The spectacular instants of oriental spirit

Approximately three kilometers from Old Termеz, among green gardens, there is one of the attractive historical memorials – Kirq Qiz that is translated as “forty girls” and refers to 9 AD. According to well-known legend, outside the walls of this fortress queen Gulaim reflected the siege of strangers with his companion from the epic "Kirq Qiz". The records indicate that the fortified castle with powerful corner towers manor belonged to Samanid dynasty.

Among the landmarks can be also highlighted the Sultаn Saodad complеx. This ensemble had being built during several centuries. Now it can be characterized as a museum of ancient architectural composition.

The immense dome crowned separated by several arched niches walls covered with ample ornamentation. Curly masonry pair of thin bricks gives depth and rigor of refined appearance of the building.

In Termеz local people were engaged in pottery, blacksmithing, glassworks and production of cotton cloth. Opening in mountains mineral deposits contributed to the evolution of ancient metallurgical engineering. Masters of metal were occupied with making ammunition and domestic appliances.

During the excavations were found various metal things - boilers, dishes, candlesticks, jugs. Excellent products of Surkhandaryа potters and glass blowers were known far beyond Mesopotamia.

Like many Asian cities, Termеz had been hit by a devastating invasion of Genghis Khan in 1220. ButTermеz was able to be reborn as a trading city, and exported many goods to other countries. At the time, caravan routes of the Silk Road were calculated from Termеz. Therefore, this city preserved many ancient monuments.


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