Sightseeing in Navoi

In Uzbekistan this city is the youngest regional center of the country. However, the city is rich for bewitching sights. There were ancient numerous settlements that you can find here. And it can be proved by many excavated Images of the ancient people that is also known as Petroglyphs.

The most ancient petroglyphs differ from grace and compositional perfection. One feels a hand not only patient and hard-working artist, but also a thinker who tries to bring forward their understanding of the world and the story of his life. Rather, life was not quite hastily, or the meaning of the depicted carrying a special significance. How else to explain the long and painstaking work by knocking out or cutting of the veins in the rock deep furrows, and then carefully polished cleaved many places. More recent figures are not different so meticulous thoroughness and generally more lumpy and tough to execute. The meaning of the depicted in them did not carry the special emphasis, as they were applied, most likely, as a tribute to the more advanced time series of continuing intellectual development of man.

The symbols and signs began to appear, weighed down by the knowledge of the outside world. And for their explanations have been invented paper. So, sometimes, a professional historian, rather pick up a pen and ink, rather than a rock or a pick. But modern chroniclers, generally are vandals, than, friends and lovers, with which they wanted to be, judging by their inscriptions.

We believe your visit to Uzbekistan will be filled with a joy and satisfaction from the services provided by Navoi hotels. The capital leaves an incredible impression upon travelers bewitching them by its green orchards, vineyards and light breeze.


Sightseeing in Navoi. The city with berhymed hospitality

The fortress of Alexander the Great the ruins of a fortress built by Alexander in the 4th century BC It is located on the southern outskirts of the city Nurat (a city in the Navoi region at the foot of the mountains Nuratin). The ancient settlement consists of several different parts of the sound. SA explorer Ashirov after the excavations carried out in 2004, described the monument: "Shahristan Nurata (the ancient settlement was called Nur), about the size of 500x500 meters, was surrounded by a strong wall with towers. The entrance is in the middle of the north wall. In the south wall is almost rested on the rocks. Strengthening Nura adjacent to the spring. The fortress extends from north-west to south-east. The south wall is reinforced by four circular and semi-circular towers in the plan. In the eastern half survived the rise, where the walls are partially visible.

The northwestern part of the most devastated. From the south-east tower departs corridor-building length of 130 and a width of 16 meters. It ends with a square watch tower in terms of the size of 26x26 meters. Thereafter, the excavations on the site are no longer carried out. Presumably the fortress was built as a strategic facility on the border between agricultural areas and wild steppe. Karizes system a unique underground water pipe near Nurata, built on the orders of and under the direction of Alexander. Kariz, an ancient water pipe, laid from the source to the consumer. Its length was several miles away.

Navoi sightseeing. Atmosphere of the East

All the historic sites Navoi focus not on the territory of the city, and beyond, in the near and distant surroundings. Just as within the Navoi can only admire the works of our contemporaries. Thus, one of the most famous and most popular holiday destinations of citizens is South Park, an area of 16 hectares. Among the avenues of the park located stadium, an outdoor swimming pool with three baths and heated water in winter, summer and winter theaters. In addition, North Park is not least favorite place for leisure activities. Its area 70 hectares and is located in the center of a man-made "sea", the water surface is made up of more than 20 hectares.

After a certain distance from the surface down sank wells serving for cleaning and monitoring of water distribution system. Caravanserai Rabat Malik a haven of travelers and merchants, located on one of the routes of the Great Silk Road. Rabat Malik was built in the 11th century and today is a great archaeological and historical value.

Navoi sights: Monuments of antiquity

Cave paintings Sarmyshsaya a monument of antiquity, located 45 km from the city of Navoi in the valley on the southern slopes of Tau. This is one of the bewitching sights of Navoi. Anyone has the opportunity to see ancient history in the form of rock art galleries, of which there are more than four thousand. Figures are carved along the river for two miles.

The scientists studied the area and studying petroglyphs many times. The result of their scientific work was detailed images of animals, people and various totemic symbols. The researchers found that the majority of petroglyphs belong to the Bronze Age, but also meet and drawings, dating from the Late Stone Age and Neolithic.


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