Uzbek soups

Uzbek soups
Uzbek soups
Uzbek soups

Uzbek cuisine is counted the most plentiful cuisine in Central Asia. Many recipes of Uzbek cuisine include meat products, vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices and cereals. From all the above products, the most delicious rich Uzbek soups are cooked.

Soups rank an important place in the diet of Uzbek people. Uzbek national soups are not only delisious, but also highly substantial. In their preparation more meat, carrots, turnips, onions, greens is used.

List of Uzbek soups:

Perhaps, the most famous and often made Uzbek soup is shurpa. Shurpa is known since the time of Abu Ali Ibn-Sino (Avicenna), and is considered a medical dish from many diseases. Shurpa is prepared from fresh or roasted meat. Vegetables are put in large pieces to preserve their fragrance.

There is plenty of types of Uzbek shurpa soup: "shurpa-chaban" - meat soup from potatoes, onions and tomatoes; "shurpa-mash" - ram soup and special kind of beans; "kaurma-shurpa" – broth with turnips, potatoes and carrots; "kiyma-shurpa" – clear soup with meatballs; "sholgom-shurpa" - mutton soup with turnips; "kifta-shurpa" - bullion with meat sausages, pea and vegetables.

Peculiar soups of Uzbek cuisine are mastava Uzbek rice soup (is served with sour milk and spices), mashhurda (bean soup with potatoes, onion, herbs and sour milk), mash-atala (potage from fried fat, onion, carrots, beans and flour), moshubirinch (from mutton, tomatoes, beans and rice), Uzbek cholop soup (cold soup on sour milk from radish, cucumbers and green-stuff). Uzbek noodle soup is almost always cooked with meat.

Uzbek soups are usually cooked on low heat, adding salt, spices and herbs only at the end of boiling. They are often served with katik.

In general, there are number of sour-milk soups in Uzbekistan, which are called katikli. Katikli was prepared in ancient times. Despite the fact that over time, the recipe for cooking has changed significantly, the addition of sour-milk ingredients is the main stroke of the dish to this day. And this ingredient must be cold. And one does not need to put sour-milk products in the end, but at the beginning of cooking of any food.

Uzbek soup is served in kosa - deep plates resembling bowls. First the broth is drunk and then a thick component of the soup is eaten.

The use of various soups often has a certain seasonal character. So, if in winter hot fatty soups with adding many spices are cooked, then in summer, of course, people prefer a refreshing cold soup with katik and crushed fresh vegetables.

National Uzbek soups are bright colors of nature, century-old traditions and aroma of the East, dishes that will not leave indifferent any gourmet and connoisseur of true taste.

So we have completed a brief overview of the rich, colors and aromas of Uzbek soups. But, as the Eastern saying goes, "no matter how many times you say" halva ", it will not become sweeter in your mouth." Therefore, enough words, it's time to get down to business and taste wonderful Uzbek soups. Uzbek tours from Peopletravel will help you in this.

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