Uzbek meat dishes

Uzbek meat dishes
Uzbek meat dishes
Uzbek meat dishes

Uzbek cuisine, which can be called the quintessence of culture, language and traditions of Uzbekistan, is characterized by the use of a huge amount of meat ingredients, because the national Uzbek dishes, the recipes of which are mainly made up of meat, is not vegetarian.

The basic principle of nutrition of the Uzbeks was formed at the expense of a way of life that could be both sedentary and nomadic. As the main Uzbek meat dishes, it is customary to cook high-calorie frying food with cottonseed oil or fat with a large amount of spices and herbs.

But not every kind of meat is used in the Uzbek cuisine. Preference is given, of course, to lamb, followed by beef (veal), horse meat, sometimes camel meat and goat. Chicken and turkey, as well as a variety of game are also used in Uzbek cuisine.

Uzbek food of our time also allows the use of various kinds of fish under the guise of the main ingredient of Uzbek meat dishes.

There is a great deal of Uzbek meat dishes. This can be kabob (different types of roast), kyofta (dishes from chopped meat, like European cutlets), pilaf, lagman (dish of special noodles with gravy from meat and vegetables), as well as all kinds of dumplings (chuchvara), samsa (patties ), rolls. Meat in Uzbek dishes is cooked separately and then served with a salad of fresh vegetables, or cereals, legumes, noodles.

Undoubtedly, the above-mentioned pilaf is the main meat Uzbek dish.

In Uzbekistan people like to cook pilaf. There is an Uzbek saying: “if you did not try Uzbek pilaf, it means that you were not born into the world”. Cooking pilaf is a rather troublesome pursuit. And, as a rule, it is trusted to cook by men.

Usually delicious Uzbek pilaf can be tasted in the Uzbek tea-house. The most commonly cooked pilaf is "tograma". The cooking process is divided into two stages: firstly a part of the meat, carrots and onions languish with the rice, and the other one is cooked in the second cauldron. Their contents are combined only at the time of filing to the table.

It is interesting to prepare the special type of pilaf called “tontarma”. The secret of its unusual Uzbek meat dish is the following: before cooking, the rice is roasted on melted oil until a reddish crust appears, and then everything is done according to the usual recipe - the ingredients are mixed with the chopped onions and carrots.

Uzbek second dishes are not limited to pilaf. In Uzbekistan there is a variety of dolma, very popular dish among the Turkic peoples. Dolma resembles Russian cabbage rolls. It is worth paying attention to the kovurdak - a roast of meat mixed with vegetables and herbs. Some put potatoes and a small amount of diced pumpkin, filling the entire dish with a lot of spices. A special dish is manty, traditional for many peoples of the Central Asian region. To prepare this dish chopped forcemeat is used. Forcemeat is wrapped in pieces of thinly rolled unleavened dough. The difference of this dish is that it is steamed, and not fried.

In order to taste really tasty Uzbek cuisine, one should make a tour to Uzbekistan. Here, in almost every house, every tea-house, every restaurant or cafe, you can tempt an amazing taste of Uzbek meat dishes.

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