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The East has traditionally attracted visitors from Europe, with its alluring secrets wrapped up in a culture very different from what they were used to. Offering different flavors, fragrances, and spices to entice visitors to explore further.

Even today, the appeal and mystery of a Samarkand tour draws tourists from across the world. Visit Samarkand to experience the unique atmosphere of the East, with its grand buildings both old and new. And you will come to understand how the mysterious atmosphere of the East remains.

Journey to Samarkand to find one of the most beautiful and ancient cities in the East. A trip to Samarkand offers the chance to tour grand historic monuments, contrasted by hidden alleys providing a unique glimpse into life in the ancient city.

Tours to Samarkand will help you understand why this city has left an indelible mark on many different cultures. The city may have been conquered by Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan among others in its time, but Samarkand has left its mark on those cultures as well.

This history has been recognized by UNESCO, with a World Heritage listing, thanks to the city being the oldest continuously inhabited in Central Asia and sitting at the crossroads of many cultures. This signifies the importance of the city to world history and should help emphasize why you should take this unique opportunity to visit the region.


Samarkand Travel Guide

Samarkand tour packages allow you to indulge the senses and live the experiences of one of the greatest cities on the old Silk Road. The city offers an array of breathtaking architecture, including magnificent mosques and madrasahs. Watch the sun reflex off shining blue domes of historic old buildings. Marvel at the beautifully decorated doors and gates. Take in the architectural history found in the walls, buildings, and archways with impressive geometric and floral patterns.

But this is only a taste of what you can expect to find. A city as ancient as Rome or Babylon, Samarkand is packed full of treasures representing the many cultures that have inhabited the city over the centuries. Many important events took place within its walls, affecting the Persian, Arabic, Mongol, and many other dynasties that ruled over the city.

Your tour to Samarkand will allow you the opportunity to experience many unique and breathtaking sights, let's take a look.

Registan Square; the main square of the city which takes its name from Persian, meaning sandy site or desert. The square was traditionally used by the population of the city to gather and listen to governors, purchase wares, or even witness executions.

Today the square boasts truly the impressive Islamic buildings of Ulugh Beg Madrasa, mirrored across the square by Sher-Dor Madrasa. Tillya Kori Madrasa forms the third side with gentle steps on the opposite side giving you somewhere to rest while you admire the view across the ancient square.

Shah-I-Zinda; an avenue of mausoleums finished in amazingly detailed patterns. The dedication of the craftsmen that created the colorful tombs is clearly on show on the buildings which date back up to 1,000 years.

Also on your itinerary, you could:

  • Take part in ceremonial holidays, try on national costumes, or even attend an Uzbek wedding
  • Try local dishes like the Samarkand pilaf, shish kebab, and the Samarkand flat cakes famed for their taste and long shelf life
  • Drink the prized wine from the Khovrenko Vineyards
  • Take a visit to an old paper mill or try your hand at crafts taught by local craftsmen
  • Enjoy the views around Samarkand

Why You Should Choose Peopletravel for Your Samarkand Tours and Travel

Expand your horizons, understand different cultures, and discover a different adventure when you book a trip to Samarkand with Peopletravel. The price of a tour package may surprise you, will more value for money to be found than with other destinations. Contact us today to find out how we can help you, arranging a trip to suit your budget without reducing the things you will see and do.

We have ready-made tours of Samarkand, or we can arrange individual trips and excursions. We are determined to make sure you get to explore everything you want in and around the city.

Our tours will help you discover the mysterious, almost fairy-tale world, that is what makes up the city of Samarkand. From the tranquil parks and gardens to the bustling markets, and the colorful ancient mausoleums, there is plenty to see and do.

At Peopletravel we offer you a bespoke tour of Samarkand to suit both the time you have in Uzbekistan and your budget. We will guide you to the best places to visit in Samarkand so that you get the most out of the unique experience. Allowing you to visit the prominent landmarks, enjoy the most fulfilling excursions, and take the best photos. With our help, you will get to see the best of what Samarkand and Uzbekistan have to offer.

Our professional service, provided by experienced staff, guarantees you the following:

  • All-inclusive tours tailormade to your requirements
  • Private Samarkand day tours
  • We will meet you at the airport and get you back there at the end of your tour for your flight home
  • Coordination with your flight schedule
  • Comfortable local accommodation
  • Knowledgable guides and experienced interpreters

There is so much that can be said about the beauty and rich history of the country, but to properly do it justice you can only experience it for yourself. We offer you a fabulous trip to a country unspoiled by mass tourism and unmatched by traditional destinations.

If you are drawn to the idea of visiting a mysterious ancient city, and bored by the normal holiday options, a Samarkand holiday package offers something very different. We will provide you with the experience of an exciting and unusual destination which you will remember for a lifetime.

You will find a warm welcome to Samarkand when you embark on your holiday of the ancient city with Peopletravel. Choose from an affordable range of options that will fit your budget and your expectations.


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