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Do you think where to go on vacation? European countries and overseas islands no longer have for you that attractiveness, as before? Pay your attention to Uzbekistan, to be exact, to Bukhara. Tour Operator Peopletravel will be able to offer you the most interesting tours to Bukhara for every taste. It has long been known that in the Middle Ages in Uzbekistan and Bukhara, in particular, the cultural and commercial life was actively pursued, there were large markets, beautiful mosques and palaces that have survived to this day. In Bukhara, you can contemplate them with your own eyes - madrassas, mausoleums of ancient rulers - grandiose and enticing view of ancient sculptors and architects. Sightseeing tours to Bukhara will allow spending a vacation in a way that none of your friends has spent. Eastern exotics and the highest service by world standards are anticipated in ancient Bukhara.

Choose one of a variety of tours to Bukhara, Uzbekistan  to discover the uniqueness and charm one of the oldest cities as Bukhara from the list below.


Main sights to see during Bukhara tours

By the abundance and importance of holy places and architectural masterpieces, Bukhara is not inferior to Samarkand. The first historical finding of Bukhara as a city emerged in the first centuries AD.

The city has preserved not only the fascinating mosques, madrasahs and mausoleums, but also architectural complexes. The long history of Bukhara left traces in the city, which clearly show until now.

The main ancient streets and intersections are marked by monumental buildings. Most of the attractions in the surrounding area of the old city of Bukhara related to Shahkristan complex that bewitch every visitor with this unequalled fascination.

When travel to Bukhara, visit complex Poi Kalon is the central spot which consists of 3 architectural structures: Kalyan Minaret, Kalon Mosque and Madrasa of Mir-i-Arab. The main eastern entrance is decorated with a large portal and mosaics that is impressive in its splendor.

Feel the fascination of the medieval with Bukhara city tour.

Trip to Bukhara: incredible impression gem of the East

Medieval Bukhara developed by the branched Silk Road. The silk was not the sole commodity of the transcontinental journey. The historical notes about Silk Road keep until now the fond memories of distant past and give us an opportunity to discover the atmosphere of the time from the medieval tales and legends.

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In order to have a good idea of the many attractions in Bukhara, choose the most famous of them. For example, Ulukbek Madrasah (1417) was built by the grandson of Tamerlane, Ulukbek. This madrasah is decorated with ornament of astral nature. It is the only building of this scale, preserved in Bukhara since the reign of the Tamerlan dynasty.

Bukhara city tours. Get acquainted with national color

The oldest archaeological site of the city is the Ark fortress. The majestic ancient fortress Ark keeps the history within the walls that noteworthy from every visitor to the city of Bukhara. We recommend you to walk through the numerous small streets in order to get familiar with the spirit of generosity and magnanimity of Uzbek people.

Speaking of our tours around Bukhara, it is not easy to describe them in a few words. The tour packages developed by us are the result of concentrated work on combining your individual desires with the tourist opportunities of our country, the embodiment of your idea of ​​a well-spent rest, full of unforgettable impressions. We insist that the road is not a boring and very unpleasant pastime, and that excursion routes can and should be different, tailored to the interests and wishes. Just one step away from the usual patterns and stereotypes, and our Bukhara tours & excursions can become an exciting adventure.

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The Company Peopletravel with great pleasure will organize for you Bukhara tourism packages. They can be Bukhara private and group tours. In addition to cultural and historical tours to Bukhara, we can also make exclusive tours of Bukhara.

We bring to your attention various tours to Bukhara 2018.


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