"Tashkent-Land" - amusement park. General information and history of the park.

Where to go on a day off with a fun company? Where to lead the guests of our city, tired of contemplating the majestic monuments of antiquity during the Uzbekistan tour? What do all the children of Tashkent and the whole country dream of? Of course, this is the "Tashkent Disneyland". This is the name of the park of culture and recreation situated in the urban core, near the Aquapark.

The opening date of the health and entertainment complex "Tashkent Land" is July, 1995. The modern well-maintained park was erected on the territory of the former Victory Park. Since the beginning of its foundation, over six and a half million of people have become guests, and after eighteen years the flow of those wishing to spend their leisure time in the Tashkent Land does not stop.

Rides and funs of the Tashkent Land

Park rides in the amusement park "Tashkent-Land" are designed by the best manufacturers of Europe. They are characterized by maximum safety, convenience and, of course, fascination.

Having ridden on the carousel, you can arrange a picnic in the fresh air in the summerhouse on the shore of the bewitching lake. Here you can just not admire the surrounding beauty, but also feed the ducks, watch the graceful swans. You can have a hearty lunch at one of the many cafes of the park.

And if you want to take a closer look at the sights not only of the Tashkent Land, but also of the nearby water park and the Japanese garden, you can ride on a cable car embracing the whole territory of the afore-mentioned objects.

The dizzying "roller coaster" will undoubtedly cause the level of adrenaline to rise in your blood, and the "room of fear" will tickle your nerves. In the Tashkent Disney Park you will not be impassive to the attraction "jungles": here you can sail on a boat amongst thickets of tropical plants, among which here and there wild animals look out, and all this is under the appropriate soundtrack, completing the illusion of your stay in the tropical jungle.

Be sure to visit the "Castle of Horrors", where monsters live. In the trolley you will pass through dark tunnels and anger the nightmarish creatures that dwell there. They will try to scare you and use their entire arsenal for this. Only getting to the end of the road, you can take a breath and relax. Also you are expected to swing "boats", "wave", "frogs".

People of considerable age, young children and those who came to the Disneyland in Tashkent to relax, will also find excellent leisure options. For example, it is interesting to see the panorama of the city from the Big wheel - the highest in Tashkent. You can also ride a pony or a horse, and rent a chic carriage.

Well, and what kind of park will do without a classic merry-go-round fun for little ones, brought by the hand of moms and dads.

Having fun on the attractions, you can go to the pavilions near the lake and have a picnic there. The picturesque place pushes to contemplation of the majestic swans, which slowly float on the lake of the Tashkent Disney Park.

In memory of the Tashkent Land you can buy souvenirs. During the entertainment one can taste all sorts of sweets, which literally pile the counters of children's tiers.

"Tashkent Land" is waiting for you on holidays and weekdays. If you waver where to spend your vacation, go for new sensations in the Tashkent Land.

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