International Women's Day in Uzbekistan

International Women's Day in Uzbekistan
International Women's Day in Uzbekistan

The International Women's Day is commemorated by the UN as the day of women's cohesion in the fight for their rights.

To date the International Women's Day is solemnized at the state level in forty countries of the world (including Uzbekistan), mainly in the post-Soviet and some countries of Eastern European, Africa and Asia.

The International Women's Day in Central Asia was not abolished after the end of communism, but in some countries the holiday has changed a little.

In Uzbekistan, the International Women's Day is also a national holiday.

History of the 8th of March

The history of the holiday is associated with the German Communist Clara Zetkin. Being an activist for the struggle for women's rights in 1910 she proposed holding this day.

In most areas of the world, women were deprived of basic rights and freedoms. It was assumed that on this day, women around the world will organize marches and rallies, drawing public attention to their problems. A few years later, the Women's Day was celebrated every year on 8 March.

In 1913 in the Russian Empire, activists joined the European fighters for emancipation. In 1917, women's demonstrations furthered the overthrow of the monarchy.

Since 1921, March 8 has been commemorated the revolutionaries. After 45 years, the International Women's Day in the Soviet Union (including Uzbek SSR) became a day off. Later, the holiday lost its feminist color.

Celebration of March 8 in Uzbekistan

In Uzbekistan, the holiday of March 8 falls on a glorious and wonderful time, when the nature has finally woken up, revived, blossomed with all colors, filling everything around with a wonderful fragrance. How it looks like a beautiful female image!

Young men try to surround mothers and loved ones with care and attention: prepare a festive table, clean the house and buy gifts

On the 8th of March the men of Uzbekistan snap up roses and tulips off the shelves of flower shops. In addition to flowers, men give baskets with sweets and fruits.

On the eve of March 8, the women of Uzbekistan are traditionally congratulated by the President, and heads of authorities and organizations.

Essentially the ambience of the Women's Day is felt in the capital of Uzbekistan. Here, on the largest site of the country - in the Palace "Istiqlol" - an annual concert is held. It is dedicated to women. Congratulations to the beautiful ladies sound from every metropolitan scene: whether it's a nightclub or a theater. Premieres and tours of world stars in Uzbekistan are often timed to the 8th of March.

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