Talipach Gate. Reminder of bygone times

Talipach Gate. Reminder of bygone times
Talipach Gate. Reminder of bygone times

Reminder of bygone times

Talipach Gate is one of the two surviving gates in the city of Bukhara. They are one of the brightest symbols of the history of this ancient city. Located in the north of the city Talipach gates were built in the XVI during the construction of fortifications under the rule of Abdul - Aziz Khan I of Sheibanids dynasty and were part of the city guards.

Researchers found the names of eleven city gates, five of which were placed on the preserved portion of the modern city. Gates Talipach bordered with gate Shirgiran Imam. Other gates of this city stood before the end of the twentieth century, but did not stand the test of time; they were collapsed by local people as building materials.

Today, gates Talipach doesn’t meet the caravans coming into town from the north, and doesn’t serve as a place to enter the collection of taxes. The current city of Bukhara has grown, and the surviving gates on all sides surrounded by residential houses and gardens. Gates are located near Chashma - Ayub, where pilgrims worship the memory of the righteous Ayyubi. Nearby is the local bazaar. And at some distance you can find the remains of walls, which once connected the eleven gates of Bukhara.

This monument of the past keeps its historical and cultural significance of the preserved national inheritance. And architectural features transferred us into the Medieval tale.

Moreover, during its existence in Bukhara were built several rows of walls, which expanded along with the growth of the city. Today the preserved remains of gates of the city were included to the UNESCO World Heritage List. With the help of Peopletravel Company you can see more unique sights of Uzbekistan.

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